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tr.v. ex·e·crat·ed, ex·e·crat·ing, ex·e·crates
1. To declare to be hateful or abhorrent; denounce.
2. To feel loathing for; abhor.
3. Archaic To invoke a curse on.

[Latin execrārī, execrāt- : ex-, ex- + sacrāre, to consecrate (from sacer, sacred; see sak- in Indo-European roots).]

ex′e·cra′tive, ex′e·cra·to′ry (-krə-tôr′ē) adj.
ex′e·cra′tor n.
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a person who execrates or makes an execration
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He also took me round CERN where they are building this particle execrator which has a 24km circumference and is smashing particles together to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang.