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Noun1.executability - capability of being executed; "the job is executable for two million dollars"; "this contract is not executable"
capability, capableness - the quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally; "he worked to the limits of his capability"
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CROMAC will develop all necessary technical documentation (maps, topographic characteristics and mine situation, executability of works in certain season, possible demining methods etc.
In any case, the experimental verification of the executability of the proposed approach for determining the adhesion properties of the vehicle pneumatic tires in use.
Rule 3: A specification consisting of an Object-Z class and an associated state machine has the property of method executability if in the corresponding process in the semantic model every method is executed at least once [6].
Still, that is no reason why it should not be aggressive in describing the strategies and helping to test them for executability.
The reasoning problem can be divided into two kinds: the executability of a service instance and the realizability of a web service.
According to Gene Porter in a December 2009 Institute for Defense Analyses paper entitled "The Major Causes of Cost Growth in Defense Acquisition," when that occurs, the entire decision-making process is put at risk, including both the original analysis of alternatives and the subsequent stability and executability of the program.
Also, at the outset, management must consider the executability and workability of plans to fulfill customer needs while adhering to the commitment to return on investment.
However, formal specification languages fail in establishing a very important property for an immediate reflection of the consequences of the specifications and for an early validation: the executability of a specification [6].
In addition, our indicative results suggest several other implementation problems related to organizational structure, inadequate material resources and executability of the formulated strategy as well as comprehensiveness of the measurement system.
He defines his work as software, and that means he's more interested in the executability of a set of instructions than in the final appearance.
The choice to outsource Air Force depot-level repair in a tightly constrained budgetary environment has neglected long-term, investment-based planning and chosen, instead, near-term executability.
In assessing and approving a strategy, directors should consider its executability and timing.