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Noun1.executability - capability of being executed; "the job is executable for two million dollars"; "this contract is not executable"
capability, capableness - the quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally; "he worked to the limits of his capability"
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"Engaging the services of such a highly credentialled Chinese Company to provide support for the value engineering phase is expected to enhance the overall economics and executability of the BKM project and provide access to a wider investor network in Asia," Manini added.
The role of the Entrepreneur Committee is to judge each entry on scalability and executability, and the Scientific and Technical Committee will evaluate each entry from that perspective.
However, in a caveat, Chief Justice Misra said that"an essential element of a robust arbitration system would be ensuring minimum interference and maximum executability".
In any case, the experimental verification of the executability of the proposed approach for determining the adhesion properties of the vehicle pneumatic tires in use.
Indicators Operational definitions Integrated To do project planning and implementation with planning the ability to consider the project's marketability, executability, and effectiveness, so as to further integrate resources in generating the maximum value for the company and customers.
Rule 3: A specification consisting of an Object-Z class and an associated state machine has the property of method executability if in the corresponding process in the semantic model every method is executed at least once [6].
(ii) The executability of the model should be conformed after reduction, so variables of some arcs should be changed.
Still, that is no reason why it should not be aggressive in describing the strategies and helping to test them for executability. The U.S.
(1.) D.Panagiotopoulos 'International sports rules implementation - decisions executability: the Bliamou case'// Marquette sports law review, 2004-2005, Vol.
The reasoning problem can be divided into two kinds: the executability of a service instance and the realizability of a web service.