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Noun1.execution speed - (computer science) the speed with which a computational device can execute instructions; measured in MIPS
fastness, swiftness, speed - a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens; "the project advanced with gratifying speed"
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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An international broker with a strong presence in key markets in Asia, Middle East and the United Kingdom, HYCM is now set to expand its footprint in the European Union, providing traders with the opportunity to benefit from competitive pricing, high execution speed, high levels of financial security and its renowned customer support.
98-nanosecond execution speed, high-speed BUS, built-in SD memory card database, GX Works3 programming software with built-in functions and configuration screens.
Having 19 fingers gives the robot a better execution speed, making him faster than a human," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.
The new release also improves: execution speed, with optimised memory handling delivering performance increases of 30% over the previous VirtualBox release; network performance, delivering increased throughput, while reducing CPU cycles, through a new paravirtualised network driver; and display performance via a new 2D Video Acceleration feature for Windows guests.
This way, the solution streamlines brokerage, banking and insurance document workflows, improves execution speed and productivity and reduces costs.
This enables the user to validate the mathematical integrity of the model, perform further analysis, document the system, eliminate algebraic loops, and increase Simulink execution speed.
0 and NI measurement technology introduces professional design features including: advanced simulation tools and new microcontroller (MCU) co-simulation, increased quality and breadth of the component database, strengthened design community with industry partnerships, and increased performance and execution speed of Ultiboard.
Tokyo Stock Exchange is aiming to construct the future system with the world's highest level in trade execution speed and capacity, and in functions to cope with system failures.
CartaBlanca takes advantage of the execution speed offered by a HotSpot compiler, which allows for performance on par with FORTRAN or C++.
Execution speed comes from having multiple commands simultaneously in the pipeline and hardware acceleration of various compute-intensive steps in the flow.
This execution speed and short turnaround time was instrumental in providing Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.