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"That would be difficult, you know, Chettam, as she is an executrix, and she likes to go into these things--property, land, that kind of thing.
On the thirtieth of September, the Testator executes a will, leaving his widow sole executrix, with a legacy of eighty thousand pounds.
Bardell-- the relict and sole executrix of a deceased custom-house officer--was a comely woman of bustling manners and agreeable appearance, with a natural genius for cooking, improved by study and long practice, into an exquisite talent.
Shelby showed his confidence in his wife's ability, by appointing her sole executrix upon his estates; and thus immediately a large and complicated amount of business was brought upon her hands.
All the rest he died possessed of, he bequeathed to Peggotty; whom he left residuary legatee, and sole executrix of that his last will and testament.
'Besides, mother, you being sole executrix, and having the direction and management of the estate, there remained little business, or I might say none, that I could transact, until you had had time to arrange matters to your satisfaction.'
Make me as compact a little will as can be reconciled with tightness, leaving the whole of the property to "my beloved wife, Henerietty Boffin, sole executrix".
It turned out that Mario executed a Last Will and Testament about four years before he died wherein he named Leslie as Executrix of said Will and Tristan as the universal heir.
When Warrilow died in 1891, he named Frances as his sole executrix in his will.
Durham DL3 0PZ T550257 PURSUANT to the Trustee Act 1925 all persons having claims against or claiming to be beneficially interested in the estate of Kenneth Davis late of 66 Hambleton Crescent Marske By The Sea who died on 8th October 2018 and whose Will was provided in the Newcastle Upon Tyne District Probate Registry on 9th January 2019 by and Richard John Knaggs Solicitor and Jayne Acklam Solicitor the Executors named in it and you are required to send written particulars to Richard J Knaggs and Co Solicitors of 119 High Street Redcar TS10 3DG on or before 22nd March 2019 after which date the executor and executrix will proceed to distribute the assets having regard only to the claims of which they then have had notice.
Eure of Roanoke, representing Thompson's executrix, cited two Virginia cases where the court interpreted the second sentence of the Dead Man's Statute.
As a self-effacing Executrix, I accepted that lemon of a car--it stalled without warning at 70 miles an hour--as my modest fee for administrating her messy Estate.