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 (ĕk′sĭ-drə, ĭk-sē′-)
1. A usually curved outdoor bench with a high back.
2. An often semicircular portico with seats that was used in ancient Greece and Rome as a place for discussions.

[Latin, from Greek exedrā : ex-, ex- + hedrā, seat; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɛksɪdrə; ɛkˈsiː-)
n, pl -drae (-ˌdriː)
1. (Architecture) a building, room, portico, or apse containing a continuous bench, used in ancient Greece and Rome for holding discussions
2. (Architecture) an outdoor bench in a recess
[C18: via Latin from Greek, from hedra seat]


(ˈɛk sɪ drə, ɛkˈsi-)

n., pl. ex•e•drae (ˈɛk sɪˌdri, ɛkˈsi dri)
1. (in ancient Greece and Rome) a recess in the wall of a courtyard or other open area, as in a palaestra, used for lectures or meetings.
2. a permanent outdoor bench, semicircular in plan and having a high back.
[1700–10; < Latin < Greek exédra=ex- ex-3 + (h)édra seat, bench]
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En Aguascalientes, mujeres tambien se integraran esta manifestacion, por lo que la reunion sera a las 19:00 horas en el monumento Exedra, ubicado en la Plaza de la Patria, en la zona centro de la ciudad; media hora antes arrancara la "brillanteada" en la Plaza Grande de Yucatan.
When they weren't longing for his mohinga, those who gathered at his wake nearly always mentioned one aspect that they found remarkable in a life full of remarkable achievements (to catalog just a few, his cofounding and being at the helm of World Executive Digest for over a decade; becoming managing director and board member of Basic Advertising; his long and fond association with Makati Medical; his being chairman and CEO of Exedra Events, and setting up Hospital Management Asia; he gave back to his community, including his homeland when it began to reverse its policy of exclusion, by serving as a senior fellow at the Centre for Economic and Social Development in Myanmar, and sitting on the advisory board of the Asian Festival of Children's Content in Singapore).
Recent scholarship has focused on three things with which he was thought to be involved: the semicircular open space at the base of the new patte d'oie close to the Burlington Lane Gate, the cascade built on the artificial eastern bank of the body of water known formerly as the Bollo Brook, and the exedra providing an opening from the north front of the new villa in the area previously planted with trees.
Atualmente (7), sabe-se que tais porticos possuiam uma exedra (8) em cada uma de suas extremidades, totalizando um total de quatro exedras, embora as duas proximas a entrada principal do forum eram ligeiramente menores do que aquelas proximas ao templo, de modo que "[...] parece seguro afirmar que diferiam das primeiras apenas pela ausencia de grupos maiores de escultura em seu centro, que corresponde aos das primeiras exedras" (Geiger, 2008, p.
The room itself is frequently labeled as an exedra by modern scholars in order to express the way in which the room functioned as a reception space overlooking a garden peristyle.
Desaparece el banco en la estructura de este retablo, ya que aquel queda roto en toda su amplitud central por la exedra que parece querer imitar la estructura de los manifestadores de colmena.
El inicio de las alteraciones se data ya en epoca trajanea, cuando el Edificio de la Exedra es destruido parcialmente (Fuentes, 1993: 179).
EXEDRA A Type of sponge B Biblical interpretation C Portico, hall or vestibule who am I?
That train ends at Termini, which was 500m from our hotel - the Boscolo Exedra Roma - part of Marriott's Autograph Collection.
See monarch.co.uk | The room at the Boscolo Exedra Roma, part of Marriott's Autograph Collection, was made available at a discounted rate.