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also ex·e·ge·tist (ĕk′sə-jĕt′ĭst) A person skilled in exegesis.
tr.v. ex·e·get·ed, ex·e·get·ing, ex·e·getes
To perform exegesis on: exegeted the Gospel of Matthew.

[Greek exēgētēs, from exēgeisthai, to interpret; see exegesis.]


(ˈɛksɪˌdʒiːt) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who practises exegesis
[C18: from Greek exēgētēs, from exēgeisthai to interpret; see exegesis]


(ˈɛk sɪˌdʒit)

a person skilled in exegesis.
[1720–30; < Greek]
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Noun1.exegete - a person skilled in exegesis (especially of religious texts)
expert - a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
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42:9) appears to be the earliest exegete to raise this question and provide solutions.
This article tracks de Lubac's argument against historicism in History and Spirit and points out the ways in which de Lubac's own practice of reading and learning from Origen undercuts historicism and thereby assists the contemporary exegete to be a better reader, not only of ancient authors like Origen, but also of the inspired text of the Bible.
The influence of the relationship between the Qur'an and the various sciences on defining the tools and resources of the exegete.
Pour le responsable de l'enseignement coranique, la formation et la culture islamique a la Direction des affaires religieuses et des wakfs de la wilaya d'Ain Defla, Benyamina Zitouni, le choix du theme du colloque est notamment motive par le fait que l'imam Malek est le premier exegete a avoir mis en place des regles [beaucoup moins que] rigoureuses [beaucoup plus grand que] permettant de faire la distinction entre les hadiths (citations du Prophete QSSSL) authentiques et ceux qui ne le sont pas.
The volume serves the expert in the history of biblical interpretation as its contributors, who have mastered individual texts and faith communities, generalize by reading exegetical works themselves and not just the general prefaces, which may describe the intended method of the exegete but not what happens as the multi-layered richness of the biblical text is actually engaged.
Walid Saleh, who was born in Columbia, grew up in Lebanon, and is now an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Toronto, was researching commentaries on the Qur'an when he came across a 15th-century queanic exegete from Lebanon who had read an Arabic translation of the Bible.
She portrays the author of Daniel as an ideal exegete, who interpreted scripture to speak to the present crisis.
Having set himself up as an exegete, Jerome "abased himself" before many of the authorities on whom be relied; but such parades of ascetic humility could not alone mask the contradictions implied by the monstrous expense of the libraries needed for his task.
The exegete from the John Paul II Institute in Rome pointed out that the discussion of homosexuality in the Letter to the Romans is meant to illustrate several key points.
Links between the works exist--the American Museum of Natural History features in the background of Protector of the Kennel, 2004-2006, for example--but these connections seem no more than hollow rewards for determined viewers, making the exhibition suitable for exegesis but unlikely to attract the exegete.
Active as a teacher and exegete in Strasbourg, Oxford, and eventually in Zurich, he tied together the embryonic Italian Reformation with the Protestant theologies of northern Europe.
As a young man, he courted fame and flirted with radicalism; in old age, he reinvented himself as an exegete, recently publishing a book oil the Hebrew prophets.