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Plural of exemplum.
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Verba movent, exempla trahunt [words move gently, but examples drag forcefully]' is a Latin maxim.
Then he discusses methodology: moving from a text to its context, suffering and death language in Hebrews, clues of a social context from the suffering and death language in Hebrews, and the use of exempla in responding to a context of suffering and death in Hebrews.
Both of these commentaries proceeded line-by-line, emphasizing the usefulness of Valerius Maximus's exempla to students.
The Disputacion itself is the first of many exempla, fabliaux, and other stories romanced by the Archpriest, who drew upon Aesop, Ovid, Augustine, Latin comedies, goliardic poetry, liturgy, and just about anything else to hand that he could include in his sprawling compendium of narrative and lyric poetry.
In his analysis of Day Ten, he argues that the last tales--above all, Griselda's tale--represent a secular re-writing of the exempla genre.
Como elemento del ornatus, el ejemplo aparece en formas y dimensiones dispares desde la antonomasia hasta la alusion y la alegoria Las colecciones de hechos memorables, piedra angular de la hagiografia (religiosa y laica) y de la catequesis de todo tiempo y civilizacion, utilizan los exempla sistematicamente (Mortara, 2000: 289).
To write his angst and drama, Ovid's poet-speaker employs a solemn and lofty tone through the use of epic diction, scenes, and conventions: mythological exempla, patronymics, and similes.
As the editors explain in their introduction, the main argument developed in this collection of essays is that the use of models or exempla from the past by Zurich reformers in the sixteenth century contributed significantly to the character and success of the Zurich Reformation, resulting in the creation of a "radically new form of Christian community" (10).
Today you cannot do without what makes you walk through a field of pernicious concepts to a garden of beautiful exempla.
1-acre site at 550 Viridian Drive adjacent to the Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center and Kaiser s Rock Creek Medical Offices in southeastern Boulder County.