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Plural of exemplum.
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la persecution : S'appuyant sur les exempla de Socrate, de Jesus et de Boece (Consolatio philosophiae), Brissette detaille le developpement a travers les siecles de cet element du topos du Malheur litteraire.
The figures range from the towering, if familiar, exempla of sports heroics (Jackie Robinson, Jackie loyner-Kersee, Joe Paterno) to those coaches, players, executives whose lives have not found headlines but whose stories deserve attention.
LAS colecciones de exempla, nacidas, como explica Garcia-Berrio, de la prosa doctrinal, son el nucleo mismo de la cuentistica medieval (175).
scours a range of sources--artes praedicandi, saints' lives (Hildegard of Bingen, Birgitta of Sweden, Katherine of Alexandria, Catherine of Siena, Mary Magdalene), exempla, fabliaux, and especially Chaucer's Canterbury Tales--to explore the various strategies women used to negotiate their authority to preach, to speak freely and "exploit their claims to experience without being confined by those claims and the stereotypes that accompanied them" (123).
When all the third- and second-world curators of biennials (Mosquera for Havana, Kortun for Istanbul, Paulo Herkenhoff for Sao Paolo) were mapping the virtues that are now taken to be exemplary--such as specific interrogations of urban sites, penetrating relations with history, and strong interactions with local educational systems--no one got up to defend the recent exempla in Venice itself.
(Joyce apparently envisioned something similar for Finnegans Wake.) This is worth keeping in mind while reading Centuria, whose subtitle, of course, promises 100 "ouroboric" novels (which average a page and a half and which could also be classified as short-shorts, exempla, fabliaux, or "novels from which all the air has been removed").
Exempla Healthcare (exem pla.com) used the occasion of opening a new hospital, Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center, as the starting point for its paper-less medical records system.
For Exempla Healthcare, the Colorado-based operator of several major hospitals, local clinics and diagnostic facilities, maintaining reliable data security means using Canon's Canobeam DT-120 optical wireless data transmission system.
The three new board members are Margaret Bandy, manager of Exempla Healthcare Libraries at Exempla St.
Medical librarians have been providing customized information packets to consumers for years (Exempla Healthcare, 2004).