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1. Worthy of imitation; commendable: exemplary behavior.
2. Serving as a model.
3. Serving as an illustration; typical.
4. Serving as a warning; admonitory.

[From Middle English exaumplarie, exemplere, an exemplar; see exemplar.]

ex′em·plar′i·ly (ĕg′zəm-plâr′ə-lē) adv.
ex·em′pla·ri·ness, ex′em·plar′i·ty (ĕg′zəm-plăr′ĭ-tē) n.
References in classic literature ?
The Russian governor sent out messengers to appease them, assuring them that he knew nothing of it, and that there had not a soul in his garrison been abroad, so that it could not be from anybody there: but if they could let him know who did it, they should be exemplarily punished.
Exemplarily, the color red was found to increase avoidance behavior in achievement contexts, but enhance approach motivation in romantic contexts (Elliot et al.
To create the engine maps variations of the water/fuel-ratio up to 100 % were conducted for each engine configuration in various load points as presented in Figure 3 exemplarily for the engine configuration with a CR of 14.
Exemplarily, Adam Knoche, Max Seinfeld, and Lauren Skelly-Bailey impressed and were among the youngest in the gallery.
I consider Midday to be the true adornment of the recording it pulsates and is exemplarily gradated.
In addition to it, the players, who have performed exemplarily well in different sports will also be honoured by Adityanath.
However, he further went on to say that despite all these problems and difficulties the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police fought the war to the best of its capabilities and won the hearts and minds of the people through their exemplarily courageous performance.
We exemplarily give the detailed plots for classification over absolute heading error and true speed, as well as classifications over true speed for the maximum offset standard deviation:
Considering light weight material and efficient design, yield exemplarily to an application of aluminum in a well-engineered BiW.
But the reserve and calm that the city has shown has been exemplarily.
Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, senior advocate KK Venugopal and Rupinder Singh Suri agreed with the apex court that Justice Karnan has committed gross contempt of court and needed to be punished exemplarily.