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1. Worthy of imitation; commendable: exemplary behavior.
2. Serving as a model.
3. Serving as an illustration; typical.
4. Serving as a warning; admonitory.

[From Middle English exaumplarie, exemplere, an exemplar; see exemplar.]

ex′em·plar′i·ly (ĕg′zəm-plâr′ə-lē) adv.
ex·em′pla·ri·ness, ex′em·plar′i·ty (ĕg′zəm-plăr′ĭ-tē) n.
References in classic literature ?
The Russian governor sent out messengers to appease them, assuring them that he knew nothing of it, and that there had not a soul in his garrison been abroad, so that it could not be from anybody there: but if they could let him know who did it, they should be exemplarily punished.
the theme of the exhibition is exemplarily 5 thematic areas of modern science, which are often referred to as "great puzzles": the universe, the deep sea, our consciousness (the "world in the head"), the cultural development of man and the field of artificial intelligence.
The particle shapes were illustrated exemplarily using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) Gemini Ultra-Plus (Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen, Germany).
'Tom Mboya will remain in history as the youngest minister and knowledgeable politician who exemplarily performed his duties within a short period,' Okello said.
To perform exemplarily in such a space, a self-driving car will have to reach decisions in conformity with an equitable allocation of operational capabilities among all traffic actors.
The discipline and etiquette observed during the function was exemplarily. The speeches were brief and to the point, and about 300 attendees engaged and fully engrossed.
This influence will be investigated exemplarily for the conceptual design study as presented here to get an insight into critical points which arise during the design process seeking for the maximum endurable load.
It is interesting to note here that when Tagore's thought was exemplarily making efforts to interweave a concept of creative interaction to mediate his ideas about economic progress, development, anti-colonial rural and social reconstruction, intercultural bonding, artistic creativity and ethical basis of action, some of the major critical theories of the modernist West as its European counterpart were shifting their emphasis from the concept of interaction to formulate different assemblages centred on the ideal of labour force and related ideologies to explain socio-political coexistence.
Artificial intelligence is exemplarily employed when the main task is determining clinically valuable models in massive, high-dimensional datasets.
Reprehends should be arrested first and they should be given an exemplarily punishment so that no one in the future would be able to commit any act of this sort.
To confine growing disparity, exemplarily redistribute innovative tasks, and exploit the strong points of automation (Lazaroiu, 2017a, b; McQuay, 2018; Nica and Taylor, 2017), society should in concert further the allocation of skills.