exempli gratia

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ex·em·pli gra·ti·a

 (ĭg-zĕm′plē grā′shē-ə, ĕk-sĕm′plē grä′tē-ä′)
adv. Abbr. e.g.
For example.

[Latin exemplī grātiā, for the sake of example : exemplī, genitive of exemplum, example + grātiā, ablative of grātia, favor.]

exempli gratia

(ɪɡˈzɛmplaɪ ˈɡrɑːtɪˌɑː)
for the sake of example. Abbreviation: e.g., eg. or eg

ex•em•pli gra•ti•a

(ɛkˈsɛm pli ˈgrɑ tiˌɑ; Eng. ɪgˈzɛm pli ˈgreɪ ʃi ə)
Latin. See e.g.

exempli gratia

A Latin phrase meaning for the sake of example, the full form of the abbreviation eg.
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This is because apart from the political demoticity of the candidates that lost (an exempli gratia is the fact that E.J AGBONAYINMA also lost his seat inspite of his well earned looming popularity and daunting legislative solidity) is also the fact that the Edo south senatorial district is the political domicile of the seating Governor of the state.
The mechanism of simultaneously using fiscal and monetary impulses--in a market economy--, described in this paper, is adequately illustrated in relevant literature, exempli gratia (8):
En esa forma la satira periodistica exempli gratia, que encuentra sus limites en el derecho a la intimidad, se distingue claramente de la creacion artistica satirica, que sera evaluable en sus meritos propios pero bajo la premisa de la prohibicion de toda censura.