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tr.v. ex·em·pli·fied, ex·em·pli·fy·ing, ex·em·pli·fies
a. To illustrate by example: exemplify an argument.
b. To serve as an example of: scenes that exemplify the film director's style.
2. Law To make a certified copy of (a document).

[Middle English exemplifien, from Old French exemplifier, from Medieval Latin exemplificāre : Latin exemplum, example; see example + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]

ex·em′pli·fi′a·ble adj.
ex·em′pli·fi′er n.
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If a view such as theistic activism is true, then every property (or exemplifiable) will be a product of God's creative activity.
While kinds and properties are multiply exemplifiable, they exist in their instances and are contingent upon the existence of their instances.
The basic idea is that if both NSS and HLR are true with respect to an epistemic property, then it is pretty obviously not exemplifiable by any of our beliefs.