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n. pl. ex·em·pla (-plə)
1. An example.
2. A brief story used to make a point in an argument or to illustrate a moral truth.

[Latin; see example.]


n, pl -pla (-plə)
1. (Rhetoric) an anecdote that supports a moral point or sustains an argument, used esp in medieval sermons
2. an example or illustration
[from Latin: example]


(ɪgˈzɛm pləm)

n., pl. -pla (-plə).
1. an example or model.
2. an anecdote that illustrates or supports a moral point, as in a medieval sermon.
[1885–90; < Latin; see example]
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The genre of exemplum literature elides the line between history, rhetoric, and moral philosophy and thus appealed to the humanists of the fifteenth century for the same reason that its popularity began to decline in the sixteenth.
In a study of the Archpriest's exemplum in relation to other medieval versions of the story, Laurence De Looze sums up the moral of the episode thusly: "The potentiality that perfect understanding and complete misunderstanding might be interchangeable and undiscoverable threatens to destabilize the whole process of meaning.
Siguiendo a Aristoteles (Retorica I 2, 7), el exemplum (paradeigma) se basa en una relacion de semejanza, de la parte con la parte o de lo semejante con lo semejante, especialmente cuando se dan dos proposiciones del mismo genero, pero una es mas conocida que la otra.
En el caso del exemplum de Meleagro, como ya lo habia destacado Lohmann, los embajadores que acuden ante el heroe en esta mise en abime devienen un correlato de los embajadores ante Aquiles.
The final exemplum in the poem locates the poet and his action firmly in the realm of the Iliad:
While many of the Zurich reformers did have humanist backgrounds, it seems unlikely that one needed to have an Erasmian understanding of the complex relationship between exemplum, imitatio, and innovatio in order to use literary or biblical exempla as a model for reform.
first exemplum of First Commandment: "Doe Adam ende Eua" When Adam and Eve"); for convenience in Table 3,1 do not include all those titles here, but only the number of exempla.
Y Perez agrega que ese es precisamente un momento privilegiado para estudiar esta dimension so cio cultural del exemplum en la predicacion de la Nueva Espana.
La vita di Castruccio Castracani (1520) opera no solamente como un exemplum de esta tension maquiaveliana entre republica, institucionalidad, participacion popular, novedad y liderazgo personal sino tambien de un tipo particular de republicanismo que no puede ser facilmente asimilado con la concepcion moderna de gobierno representativo.
In the Ovide moralise, which is the subject of the chapter by Ana Pairet, each fable is paraphrased, glossed, and read as a moral exemplum or spiritual allegory.
His topics include the war in heaven as admonitory exemplum, conceptions of origins and their consequences, and institutional considerations in Milton's evolving literary ambitions.