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Noun1.exercise device - a device designed to provide exercise for the userexercise device - a device designed to provide exercise for the user
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
exercise bike, exercycle - an exercise device resembling a stationary bike
treadmill - an exercise device consisting of an endless belt on which a person can walk or jog without changing place
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Portland, OR, October 06, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Columbia-Inland Medical Pumper Car designated by FDA as non-measuring exercise device intended for medical purposes.
Fashionistas and celeb watchers feared they must have missed the hot new smartphone or exercise device or designer handbag or was it a breed of dog?
Currently, the used exercise devices in the International Space Station (ISS) include treadmill, bicycle ergometer, and resistance exercise device.
There, visiting adults were able to help with the research, by trying out the team's Functional Re-adaptive Exercise Device (FRED) exercise machine.
Recently, several modifications of the Shaker exercise have been proposed such as chin tuck posture against resistance (CTAR), jaw opening against resistance exercise (JOAR), effortful swallow against resistance (ESAR), and working with a swallowing exercise device (e.g., ISO Swallowing Exercise Device, ISO-SED).
Andrew is working with senior lecturer Dr Dorothee Debuse on the Functional Re-adaptive Exercise Device, known as FRED, which has been created to combat the back problems astronauts suffer when they return to earth.
M2 PHARMA-June 24, 2015-Analytica Launches PeriCoach Pelvic Floor Exercise Device for Women with Urinary Incontinence
w "Although this is only an exercise device it has the potential to become a mobility device.
Add in a 3-4 day battery life and the Gear Fit ticks the boxes for a smart exercise device.
The sandals will be worn when astronauts are using on board the station's exercise device, the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED).
In May of 2014, NASA delivered the ForceShoe, designed by XSENS, to the International Space Station (ISS) to collect data for studying the loads, or force, placed on crew member bodies while exercising on the space station's Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED)