The act or an instance of exercising.

[Middle English exercitacioun, from Latin exercitātiō, exercitātiōn-, from exercitāre, frequentative of exercēre, to exercise; see exercise.]


a rare word for exercise
[C14: from Latin exercitātiō, from exercitāre frequentative of exercēre to exercise]


(ɪgˌzɜr sɪˈteɪ ʃən)

[1325–75; Middle English < Latin exercitātiō=exercitā(re) (see exercise) + -tiō -tion]
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However, because the power is limited, his exercitation in interaction conduct in time to the consumption and in the end to extinction, this process create for the actors the necessity to conserve the power using subsidiary instruments.
EXERCITATION A Over-emotional B Putting into practice C To draw out who am I?
This must be preceded by psychological workers' commitment to the necessary exercitation to achieve competence in the nosology.
The exercitation of the competences is made only after sending the necessary financial resources".
Premises of financial controlling exercitation in the hotel, E & M Ekonomie a Management 10(3): 122-131.
Rural communities have the decisive role in exercitation procedure of examination about conflicts between the members of the community, because the community appears as a part in a trial, in somebody's stead.
Exercitation of Motivational Accent in the Processes of Work with People]: Monografia [Monograph].
Indeed, HR and [[La.sup.-]] (Benelli et al., 2004); V[O.sub.2]max and HR (Dowzer et al., 1999; Town and Bradley, 1991) are higher during shallow-water exercitation. However, RER and [[La.sup.-]] present non-significant differences between both depth conditions (Town and Bradley, 1991).
In these sessions the tasks consist of problems of exercitation, application and evaluation (Diaz-Godino, 2005); or experiences, illustrative experiments, practical exercises and research (Caamano, 2003).
So, for better explanation of the concepts and their importance there are given the following definitions (Erickson, 2003), (Macdonald, 2003): (1) work accident means "the hurting of the human body and occupational acute intoxication that are happening during working process or during work duties that are causing the lost of work capacities at least for three days, invalidity or death"; (2) occupational disease "the disease produced by the exercitation of a profession, caused by physical, biological, chemical agents from the working environment and the overload of organs and systems during the working process".
Uame y a une continuelle exercitation a remarquer les choses incogneues et nouvelles; et je ne scache point meilleure escolle, comme j'ay dict souvent, a former la vie que de luy proposer incessamment la diversite de tant d'autres vies, fantaisies et usances, et luy faire gouster une si perpetuelle variete de formes de nostre nature." Les Essais de Michel de Montaigne, ed.
From the very first sentence in which the promeneur solitaire recounts this event, the reader is propelled into Monraigne's well-known essay "De l'exercitation" (1573-74) in which the narrator is similarly knocked over by a large animal, a horse.