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v. ex·fo·li·at·ed, ex·fo·li·at·ing, ex·fo·li·ates
1. To remove (a layer of bark or skin, for example) in flakes or scales; peel.
2. To cast off in scales, flakes, or splinters.
To come off or separate into flakes, scales, or layers.

[Latin exfoliāre, exfoliāt-, to strip of leaves : ex-, ex- + folium, leaf; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·fo′li·a′tion n.
ex·fo′li·a′tive adj.
ex·fo′li·a′tor n.
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1. (Biology) (tr) to wash (a part of the body) with a granular cosmetic preparation in order to remove dead cells from the skin's surface
2. (Biology) (of bark, skin, etc) to peel off in (layers, flakes, or scales)
3. (Geological Science) (intr) (of rocks or minerals) to shed the thin outermost layer because of weathering or heating
4. (Minerals) (of some minerals, esp mica) to split or cause to split into thin flakes: a factory to exfoliate vermiculite.
[C17: from Late Latin exfoliāre to strip off leaves, from Latin folium leaf]
exˌfoliˈation n
exˈfoliative adj
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(ɛksˈfoʊ liˌeɪt)

v. -at•ed, -at•ing. v.t.
1. to throw off in scales, splinters, etc.
2. to remove the surface of (a bone, the skin, etc.) in scales or laminae.
3. to peel off in thin fragments.
a. to split or swell into a scaly aggregate, as certain minerals when heated.
b. to separate into rudely concentric layers or sheets.
[1605–15; < Late Latin exfoliātus, past participle of exfoliāre to strip of leaves]
ex•fo`li•a′tion, n.
ex•fo′li•a`tive (-ˌeɪ tɪv, -ə tɪv) adj.
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Past participle: exfoliated
Gerund: exfoliating

I exfoliate
you exfoliate
he/she/it exfoliates
we exfoliate
you exfoliate
they exfoliate
I exfoliated
you exfoliated
he/she/it exfoliated
we exfoliated
you exfoliated
they exfoliated
Present Continuous
I am exfoliating
you are exfoliating
he/she/it is exfoliating
we are exfoliating
you are exfoliating
they are exfoliating
Present Perfect
I have exfoliated
you have exfoliated
he/she/it has exfoliated
we have exfoliated
you have exfoliated
they have exfoliated
Past Continuous
I was exfoliating
you were exfoliating
he/she/it was exfoliating
we were exfoliating
you were exfoliating
they were exfoliating
Past Perfect
I had exfoliated
you had exfoliated
he/she/it had exfoliated
we had exfoliated
you had exfoliated
they had exfoliated
I will exfoliate
you will exfoliate
he/she/it will exfoliate
we will exfoliate
you will exfoliate
they will exfoliate
Future Perfect
I will have exfoliated
you will have exfoliated
he/she/it will have exfoliated
we will have exfoliated
you will have exfoliated
they will have exfoliated
Future Continuous
I will be exfoliating
you will be exfoliating
he/she/it will be exfoliating
we will be exfoliating
you will be exfoliating
they will be exfoliating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been exfoliating
you have been exfoliating
he/she/it has been exfoliating
we have been exfoliating
you have been exfoliating
they have been exfoliating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been exfoliating
you will have been exfoliating
he/she/it will have been exfoliating
we will have been exfoliating
you will have been exfoliating
they will have been exfoliating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been exfoliating
you had been exfoliating
he/she/it had been exfoliating
we had been exfoliating
you had been exfoliating
they had been exfoliating
I would exfoliate
you would exfoliate
he/she/it would exfoliate
we would exfoliate
you would exfoliate
they would exfoliate
Past Conditional
I would have exfoliated
you would have exfoliated
he/she/it would have exfoliated
we would have exfoliated
you would have exfoliated
they would have exfoliated
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.exfoliate - spread by opening the leaves of
spread, unfold, open, spread out - spread out or open from a closed or folded state; "open the map"; "spread your arms"
2.exfoliate - cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters
cast off, shed, throw off, throw away, shake off, throw, cast, drop - get rid of; "he shed his image as a pushy boss"; "shed your clothes"
3.exfoliate - remove the surface, in scales or laminae
peel off - peel off the outer layer of something
4.exfoliate - come off in a very thin piece
chip, chip off, break away, break off, come off - break off (a piece from a whole); "Her tooth chipped"
5.exfoliate - grow by producing or unfolding leaves; "plants exfoliate"
grow - increase in size by natural process; "Corn doesn't grow here"; "In these forests, mushrooms grow under the trees"; "her hair doesn't grow much anymore"
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A. VTexfoliar
B. VIexfoliarse
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[ɛksˈfəʊlieɪt] vtexfolierexfoliating cream ncrème f exfoliante
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vt skindurch Peeling entfernen, abschleifen
viPeeling ntmachen
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