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also ex·ha·lent  (ĕks-hā′lənt, ĕk-sā′-)
Functioning in exhalation.
An organ, such as a clam's siphon, used for exhalation.


(ɛksˈheɪlənt; ɪɡˈzeɪ-)
emitting a vapour or liquid; exhaling: an exhalant siphon; exhalant duct.
an organ or vessel that emits a vapour or liquid


(ɛksˈheɪ lənt, ɛkˈseɪ-)

1. exhaling; emitting.
2. something used for exhalation, as the ducts of certain mollusks.
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Les photos de leaders politiques fichees sur les murs des locaux des partis, qui exhalent un parfum de culte de la personnalite et rappellent celui que l'on sait, ont refait surface, dit-on.
The whales also carry diseases so people need to avoid contact with blowhole exhalent or body fluids.
Water leaves the mantle cavity via an exhalent funnel which can be used to generate propulsion.
In many cases, sperm were observed in early brooding individuals within the gonoducts, which is not physiologically impossible during brooding, as sperm may be carried on the exhalent stream without the adductor muscle contractions observed with egg release.
Also sportive activities are able to facilitate the repultion of sodium from kidneys and consequently cause the decrease of liquid content and blood pressure(31)It seems that sportive activities are able to decrease the blood pressure by increasing the number of arterioles in active skeletal muscles, exhalent increase, decrease of because of dilatability, resistance decrease against the blood flow, the improvement of bloody vessel neural regulation, decrease of environmental resistance, decrease of heart beat in activity and relaxation time [32]
Abbreviations: ACh, acetylcholine; CR, clearance rate; DA, dopamine; es, exhalent siphon; fs, frontal surface; 5HT, serotonin; is, inhalant siphon; of, ordinary filaments; OIT, optical insertion tube; VG, ventral-groove.
To investigate the behaviour of the inhalant and exhalent apertures and the arrangement of the tentacles, live animals were held in aquaria and observed under a stereomicroscope.
We tagged blacklip abalone by inserting a plastic rivet into the open exhalent hole furthest from the shell lip.
This is because the completely fused mantle and siphon of geoducks obscures the internal organs, with only the inhalant and exhalent orifices and the pedal gape open to the surrounding environment.
Released sperm exit the colony through the exhalent siphon and rapidly disperse into the surrounding seawater (Milkman, 1967).
containing phagocytes in the gill lumen, which resulted in the obstruction of the water flow between the inhalant and exhalent currents.
KEY WORDS: exhalent siphon area, Mytilus edulis, clearance rate, feeding activity, individual variability