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1. Treating all parts or aspects without omission; thorough: an exhaustive study.
2. Tending to exhaust.

ex·haus′tive·ly adv.
ex·haus′tive·ness n.
ex′haus·tiv′i·ty n.


another word for exhaustiveness
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This quaint and skimmable text is alphabetically organized and chock-full of indexing-related topics, such as detailed discussion of exhaustivity, business etiquette for indexing professionals, quality control, a worldwide guide to indexing organizations, and a myriad of other topics relating to indexing that might not be as easily accessed in traditional indexing texts.
The foot is peripheral but cannot be deemed extrametrical according to the Exhaustivity Principle since this would exhaust the stress domain.
2] indicator fulfils the properties of existence and determination, monotony, uniqueness, invariance to changes of origin and scale, homogeneity, transitivity, exhaustivity, aditivity, invariance to the reference base and neutrality, as demonstrated by Pena (2009), Rodriguez (2011) and Zarzosa and Somarriba (2013), among others.
Thus, good typologies must have two characteristics: exhaustivity (ability to allocate all existing cases to an appropriate type) and mutual exclusivity (each empirical case is a member of one type only) (Bailey, 1994).
Fremy's book is well-written, abundantly referenced, and clear in its objectives: it lays no claim to exhaustivity in terms of text and recueil chosen for specific comment, and the author is deliberately content on occasion to suggest the validity of a particular reading or perspective, rather than seeking here to commit to one, as instanced by the interrogative title of chapter two: "Verlaine baroque?
The regime of heterosexuality involves exhaustivity of woman and man.
Without claiming exhaustivity, Pozzo guides the reader through a set of debates that illuminate, for instance, the differences between the approaches of Melanchthon, Ramus, and Zabarella--not only on particular points of logic, but also on the nature of the discipline and its relationship to other fields of knowledge in the time.
Effective searching demands a knowledge of system design, file loading practices and their effect on retrieval, the effects of specificity, exhaustivity, stoplists, and other indexing practices on retrieval, Boolean logic, ability to read, interpret, and use abstruse database documentation, ability to conduct a good reference interview, to select appropriate databases and fields for searching, to design a search strategy likely to produce relevant output, to evaluate intermediate output and modify the search strategy accordingly, and much more.
48 classification options for the examined articles-, which sought, of course, total exhaustivity.
This formulation of the dichotomy between subjective and objective value, grounded on the Euthyphro dilemma, not only validates our most basic intuitions, but also complies with the two logical parameters: exclusivity and exhaustivity.
It should be noted, however, that not all scholarly works on which my corpus is based strove for exhaustivity, so that the numbers mentioned here can only give a general indication of frequency.