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1. Treating all parts or aspects without omission; thorough: an exhaustive study.
2. Tending to exhaust.

ex·haus′tive·ly adv.
ex·haus′tive·ness n.
ex′haus·tiv′i·ty n.
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another word for exhaustiveness
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Search engine developers should build systems that will emphasize specificity and not exhaustivity, so that the search results will be those actually needed by the users.
Although this brief inquiry has absolutely no claim to exhaustivity, and although much is bound to remain uncertain as long as no manuscript of the Saddhatusamiksa comes to light, we can safely draw a few conclusions regarding this lost work from the examination of the testimonies and fragments at our disposal:
Such large investments in mapping capacities could result in the multiplication of mapping projects that, like Google Maps, reach spectacular exhaustivity and quality, but that use this data to serve their own purposes exclusively.
Although reaching exhaustivity in a biodiversity survey for a group of tropical arthropods remains an unattainable objective, our work produced an extensive list of species with a quite high sampling completeness.
Now that the tagged basic core of the lexicon is created, it has to be enriched for a better exhaustivity and in order to make the interface accept the largest number of terms.
This quaint and skimmable text is alphabetically organized and chock-full of indexing-related topics, such as detailed discussion of exhaustivity, business etiquette for indexing professionals, quality control, a worldwide guide to indexing organizations, and a myriad of other topics relating to indexing that might not be as easily accessed in traditional indexing texts.
Regarding the first, the [DP.sub.2] indicator fulfils the properties of existence and determination, monotony, uniqueness, invariance to changes of origin and scale, homogeneity, transitivity, exhaustivity, aditivity, invariance to the reference base and neutrality, as demonstrated by Pena (2009), Rodriguez (2011) and Zarzosa and Somarriba (2013), among others.
Thus, good typologies must have two characteristics: exhaustivity (ability to allocate all existing cases to an appropriate type) and mutual exclusivity (each empirical case is a member of one type only) (Bailey, 1994).
Fremy's book is well-written, abundantly referenced, and clear in its objectives: it lays no claim to exhaustivity in terms of text and recueil chosen for specific comment, and the author is deliberately content on occasion to suggest the validity of a particular reading or perspective, rather than seeking here to commit to one, as instanced by the interrogative title of chapter two: "Verlaine baroque?" Placing evidence for and against competing interpretative potentialities before us and indicating the merit of further research in certain areas of Verlaine's work, Fremy's book is an engaging and serious introduction to the poet and to literary criticism on his work.
The regime of heterosexuality involves exhaustivity of woman and man.