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Noun1.exhibition area - a large hall for holding exhibitionsexhibition area - a large hall for holding exhibitions
hall - a large room for gatherings or entertainment; "lecture hall"; "pool hall"
palace - a large ornate exhibition hall
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The Congress comprises a business program and a focus exhibition area for Gas Majors, EPCs, Ports/Port Authorities/Canals and Fleet Owners to be presented.
Electronic auction: freight forwarding services and customs clearance services related to the delivery of exhibition goods for the purpose of participating in the 13th international exhibition of agricultural products, machinery, equipment and technologies "siam" (april 24 - 28, 2018, meknes, kingdom of morocco ) and back, including cargo handling services in the exhibition area and services for the coordination of documents for the import / export of goods to / from the exhibition grounds
Wave 2A includes four house museums dedicated to different traditions in Emirati culture, covering an exhibition area of 2,950m 2 .
The event emerged on over 150,000 sq feet of exhibition area where more than 600 international and domestic brands with 150+ foreign delegates and participants from more than 25 countries were preset.
The occupancy rate of the exhibition area up to 80%.
A total of 28 French companies will present their flagship product and their latest innovation, in a total exhibition area of 460 sq m.
The centre, which will reopen to the public on Saturday 10, is set to undertake essential work on a new exhibition area.
A group exhibition by George Heracleous, painter, and Edina Vida, sculptor, will open today at the Columbia Plaza Exhibition area in the Columbia Plaza in Limassol, where it will continue to offer visitors a peek at the artists' creations until January 5.
The Autumn Garden launched at the Exhibition area of the Mall stretches 33 metres long and include two giant horse statues decorated with fresh flowers.
Taking place at the Jakarta Convention Center and occupying an exhibition area of 4,000 square meters, the exhibition brought 13 sole agents as the initial participants.
Project Qatar, which has recorded remarkable growth since its inception at Doha Exhibition Centre in 2003, is enhancing the exhibition area space, according to Fadi Kaddoura, vice president of the international marketing and sales at IFP Group, which is the organiser.