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1. Psychiatry The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts that involve exposing one's genitals to a nonconsenting stranger.
2. The act or practice of deliberately behaving so as to attract attention.

ex′hi·bi′tion·ist n.
ex′hi·bi′tion·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.exhibitionistic - compulsively attracting attention to yourself especially by public exposure or exaggerated behavior
unconcealed - not concealed or hidden; "her unconcealed hostility poisoned the atmosphere"; "watched with unconcealed curiosity"
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Some thought it was a proud moment, whereas others dismissed it as being unnecessarily exhibitionistic.
But this is Buhari's Nigeria where people buy immunity with political loyalty, where people evade the legal consequences of their moral indiscretions by not only showing loyalty to the president but by performing it with exhibitionistic glee.
(2) In the case of an exhibitionistic disorder, the afflicted individual experiences intense, recurrent sexual fantasies/urges related to exposing his genitals in public.
As the inhabitants of a system ruin that has been rendered transparent by the collapse and destruction, these sick, wounded, dirty, miserable people transform their auto-destruction paradoxically into an auto-determination act throughout a kind of exhibitionistic performance with Mikhalkov.
When you go to church regularly, you know damn well how people will react to you if you show up after having done something transgressive, callous, exhibitionistic, or cruel.
Dissocial personality disorder and paraphilic disorders, such as exhibitionistic disorder and fetishism, were more prevalent in males, whereas borderline personality disorder was more prevalent in females.
"Harry's never been a salesman," said Mary Bertschmann, his wife of more than 50 years."He didn't get his art out there for them to see." Nor did he carouse with his more exhibitionistic contemporaries at Cedar Tavern, participate in splashy happenings or attract art-world gossip."Also, we had started our own small press, and Harry was doing great designs for Harper & Row," she said.
Sadly, some of those overnight sensations had to take drugs to force themselves to perform the 'extreme' exhibitionistic antics required of them.
In a Swedish population study, the lifetime prevalence (i.e., proportion of a population found to engage in a behaviour at some point in their life) of transvestic fetishistic behaviour was 2.8% for men and 0.4% for women (Langstrom & Zucker, 2005); the lifetime prevalence of exhibitionistic and voyeuristic behaviour was 4.1% and 11.5% for men, and 2.1% and 3.9% for women (Langstrom & Seto, 2006).
Lastly, he suggests that the therapist's use of humour is exhibitionistic and seductive and for these reasons should be avoided where possible.