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 (ĭg-zĭb′ĭt, ĕg-)
v. ex·hib·it·ed, ex·hib·it·ing, ex·hib·its
1. To show outwardly; display: exhibited pleasure by smiling.
a. To present for others to see: rolled up his sleeve to exhibit the scar.
b. To present in a public exhibition or contest: exhibited her paintings at a gallery. See Synonyms at show.
3. To give evidence or an instance of; demonstrate: young musicians eager to exhibit their talent; a plant that exhibits dimorphism.
To put something on public display.
a. A public showing; an exhibition: spent the afternoon at the art exhibit.
b. Something exhibited: Each exhibit in the show took hours to assemble.
2. Exhibit
a. Law Something marked for identification with the purpose of being introduced as evidence: referred to Exhibit A.
b. Informal Something used as an example, as when arguing or making a point: You never do your chores—Exhibit A: look at the unwashed dishes in the sink.

[Middle English exhibiten, from Latin exhibēre, exhibit- : ex-, ex- + habēre, to hold; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·hib′i·tor, ex·hib′it·er n.
ex·hib′i·to′ry (-ĭ-tôr′ē) adj.
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A mixed-media project, it began (back at the start of the month) with a performance, but there's still time to catch the accompanying artwork, which sees "an exhibitory installation that endeavours to launch a process of consumption, offer transformation and safekeeping of the historical heritage by way of a collective and individual effort to recompose and create.
In many cases these should be taken only as exhibitory and of symbolic nature.
And in line with the exhibitory purpose, the two affordable housing mock-up villas were specifically built to embody the specifications of the Modern Tropical Villas.
Exhibition organisers, QDB and Qatar Chamber, encourage exhibitory participation by local home-based businesses operating across all sectors, provided that they conform to the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC).
If the both plate and coated rods did not exhibitory defects then they were rated as passed and the defected coatings were marked as failed.
Their easy availability and their visual appeal, emanating from a combination of the picturesque, the iconographic and the erotic, enhanced their "exhibition value", oscillating between cultic and exhibitory spaces.