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 (ĭg-zôr′tə-tĭv) also ex·hor·ta·to·ry (-tôr′ē)
Acting or intended to encourage, incite, or advise.
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Adj.1.exhortatory - giving strong encouragement
encouraging - giving courage or confidence or hope; "encouraging advances in medical research"
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all, is exhortatory, and "the environmental apocalyptic leaves open
The Church, however, Brownson argued, retained the authority to declare the natural law to any state that acted unjustly in its duties, but, Brownson seemed to stress, this is more of an exhortatory action by the Church.
50) Criticism has tended to read the play as an extension of the exhortatory polemic of the 1580s and 90s that cautioned England against the military threat posed by Spain.
This culture cannot be transmitted by writing it all down in a manual somewhere, or exhortatory speeches by managers; it is transmitted in a thousand little interactions that show more than they tell.
Of course Luther's consistently exhortatory style in moral issues would be meaningless should there be no such thing as moral responsibility.
The changing relationships highlighted by these authors will inevitably be exacerbated in institutions such as universities where email is used to pass on regulatory and exhortatory messages.
While the conventional wisdom holds that the MRC has largely failed in its coordinating and governance roles, the authors argue that "if the softer notion of regulation as an exhortatory, goal setting, or framing use of knowledge is taken on board .
This body of research serves an important exhortatory function, encouraging faculty members to serve as mentors.
Instruction that emphasizes "lessons, lectures, workbook exercises, and exhortatory approaches" has not proven successful in generalizing appropriate social skills to contexts outside the classroom or the teaching lesson.
Teens may want the library to be a space that is unchanged by a teen's death, where they can escape the chatter of the school's hallways and exhortatory grief counseling sessions at school.
At his most exhortatory, Semler writes, 'we must create ardenspaces, the more numerous and diverse the better, so that innovative (or "exilic") ideas can flow into iterative (or "usurped") systems' (p.
The preface to Davidisches Psalter-Spiel, on the other hand, while incorporating some general Pietist views, is mainly a brief exhortatory homily on the specifically Inspirationist understanding of hymns and hymn singing, and the belief that the eschaton was already present.