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Noun1.existential philosophy - (philosophy) a 20th-century philosophical movement chiefly in Europe; assumes that people are entirely free and thus responsible for what they make of themselves
philosophy - the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics
philosophical doctrine, philosophical theory - a doctrine accepted by adherents to a philosophy
depersonalisation, depersonalization - (existentialism) a loss of personal identity; a feeling of being an anonymous cog in an impersonal social machine
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The lingering impact of these glimpses has stirred a hunger in me to examine the published research and consider whether such experiences can be reconciled with my readings of existential philosophy.
His aim is simply to show that this vision of philosophy is plausible, and he is less interested in meta-philosophical argumentation than in showing examples of existential philosophy in action.
Among the philosophers that Emmy van Deurzen references, we can mention, for example, some of those who can be associated with existential philosophy, even though they are not all affiliated to existentialist philosophy: Kierkegaard (1980), Nietzsche (1992), Husserl (1997), Jaspers (1969), Heidegger (1962), Buber (1970), Scheler (1960), Sartre (1948), Merleau-Ponty (1968), Tillich (1952), Camus (1955), Marcel (1954), Levinas (1969), Ricoeur (2007), Derrida (1978), Foucault (1988), Stein (1964), Arendt (1998), de Beauvoir (1953), Kristeva (1957), Irigaray (1993), Cixous (1994), Nussbaum (1994) and others.
existential philosophy,--from existence to cognition (Schelling, 1977).
"Learner-Centered Pedagogy: Principles and Practice " by Kevin Klipfel (a lecturer in moral, political, and existential philosophy at Virginia Tech) and Dani Cook (Director of Teaching and Learning, University of Califronia--Riverside) is practice-based handbook that draws on the research of the humanistic psychologist and educator Carl Rogers to present an empathetic approach to information literacy sessions, reference service, and outreach.
This hopeless, lonesome being now seeks refuge "in rebellion, through art, through writing existential philosophy"15.
For Jonas, it was this almost Cartesian tendency in Heidegger's thought which ultimately hampered the latter's early attempt to develop an existential philosophy of life.
I admit to being more interested in the author's own journey through existential philosophy (how she discovered it, why it appealed to her) than in the biographies of great (mostly) men.
Few critics, for instance, acknowledge the novel's indebtedness to the existential philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard and Martin Buber.
The Danish philosopher SE[sup.1]ren Kierkegaard is considered one of the first proponents of existential philosophy, at least 100 years before Sartre.
It has left me in the sort of moral quandary normally reserved for heads of state or professors of existential philosophy.