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 (ĕg′zĭt, ĕk′sĭt)
1. The act of going away or out.
2. A passage or way out: an emergency exit in a theater; took the second exit on the throughway.
3. The departure of a performer from the stage.
4. Death.
v. ex·it·ed, ex·it·ing, ex·its
To make one's exit; depart.
1. To go out of; leave: exited the plane through a rear door.
2. Computers To terminate the execution of (an application): exited the subroutine.

[From Latin, third person sing. of exīre, to go out : ex-, ex- + īre, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots. N., sense 2, from Latin exitus, from past participle of exīre.]
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  1. Bustled off … like a rolling whirlwind —Yukio Mishima
  2. Crept away, after the fashion of a whipped dog —H. E. Bates
  3. Fled … like damnmd water broken free —Z. Vance Wilson
  4. Fled like quicksilver —William Shakespeare
  5. Flits like a silky bat out of the room —Rose Tremain
  6. Galloping out like a runaway horse —Donald Seaman
  7. Go out like a candle, in a snuff —John Ray’s Proverbs

    A commonly used version found in a short story entitled The Beldonald Holbein by Henry James is to “Go out like a snuffed candle.”

  8. I’m off like a dirty shirt —John Crier speaking in the movie Pretty in Pink
  9. Jumped out of that house like fleas off a dead dog —Rita Mae Brown
  10. Leave the room as a burglar might escape from the scene of a carefully planned crime —James Stern
  11. Like a rabbit that had been fired at, bolted from the room —John Galsworthy
  12. Like March, having come in like a lion, he purposed to go out (of her life) like a lamb —Charlotte Bronte

    Often a familiar simile gains freshness from the way it is applied, as illustrated by this example from Shirley.

  13. Made like an arrow for the door —Christopher Isherwood
  14. Made tracks like a jumped fawn —Thomas Zigal
  15. Running away like sheep —Stephen Vincent Benït
  16. Scuttled away as if he’d found a maggot in his meatball —Joseph Wambaugh
  17. Slide away like a whisper down the wind —Richard Ford
  18. Spook like cattle on a drive —Clinton A. Phillips, dean of faculty at Texas A & M University, quoted on departure of some academics for better opportunities, New York Times, December 21, 1986
  19. Stumping to the door … like an ancient mariner who had lost his temper —Frank Swinnerton
  20. Took off like a big-assed bird —American colloquialism

    Another expression spread by the American army.

  21. Took off like a goosed duck —Harold Adams
  22. Took off like a scalded cat —May Swenson
  23. Turned and left, like a key from a lock —Desmond O’Grady
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Also included in the proposed cap would be redundancy payments, settlements, ex-gratia payments, payment on voluntary exits, and payments after contract termination or loss of office, although pension earned through years of service or any accrued pension rights will not be included.
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has decided to permanently close two exits from the service road to 22 February Street.
However, NLEx advised truckers and other wide commercial vehicles to find alternate routes, as the remaining exits cannot accommodate them.
Prior to incorporating BCO algorithm, there is a need for articulation of the information available known as simuland including the number and locations of emergency exits, the travel distances, number of evacuees, grouping of evacuees, parameters of evacuations, and locations of emergency exit guidance signs [33].
To celebrate over 3,500 startups listed on the platform, MAGNiTT released its research on the exits that have taken place over the last five years.
This model can be used to investigate exactly the dynamics at the exits during an evacuation [7] and study some typical pedestrian behaviors, for example, the "thinking fluid" behavior and the overcompression effect [8, 9].
Exits from E Routes to E or D Routes and crossroads are numbered and they are termed exit numbers.
It is a hazard and an accident waiting to happen as one exits when traffic comes from your right while you are exiting normally.
The drop is coupled with a record number and total value of private equity-backed exits in 2014, Preqin reported.
Travelers to and from Central Massachusetts for the most part will save money traveling between different exits at a rate of 40 cents.
This comes in response to a massive fire and explosion at a Chinese poultry processing plant in early June, in which 121 employees perished due to exits being locked or blocked.