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Adj.1.exogenic - derived or originating externally
endogenic, endogenous - derived or originating internally
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(2016) [3] suggested a wide variety of geological agents as triggering mechanisms for SSDS such as liquefaction or fluidization by earthquake-induced shock waves, adjustment to gravity in successions with reversed density gradients, shear stress, sudden overloading by mass-transported sediments, slumping or slope failure, large-scale deformations resulting from tectonic activity, and intermediate or small size SSDS commonly result from exogenic processes such as glaciotectonism and overburden-induced diapirism.
In OLR, the exposure to exogenic antigens triggers a hyperimmune type of response which mobilizes mast cells to the affected site, which in turn causes keratinocytes apoptosis.
Exogenic Thy1 Gene Expression Manipulation Using Thy1 siRNA or Thy1 cDNA Expression Vector.
Blastocyst complementation generates exogenic pancreas in vivo in apancreatic cloned pigs.
(i) Auto-organization: a project can suffer two types of perturbations--those of an exogenic nature (relating to changes of its environment) and those of an endogenous nature (relating to internal attribute changes that modify the relationships within the system) [81].
(15) documented substantial increases in dry eye syndrome and IOP in postmenopausal women using exogenic estrogen.
Topographic features are created during cumulative inuence of endogenic and exogenic processes operating on the earth surface (Burbank and Anderson, 2011; Faghih