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Noun1.exomphalos - an umbilical hernia at birth in which some abdominal organs push into the umbilical cord
hernia, herniation - rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes
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n. exónfalo, hernia umbilical.
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I was born with a condition called exomphalos where all my organs, including my uterus and ovaries, were outside my body.
Delaney was diagnosed with an abdominal wall defect called an exomphalos - where the internal organs develop inside the umbilical cord rather than the abdomen - while she was still in the womb.
[3] Other less frequent conditions like tracheomalacia, spina bifida and exomphalos are associated with EA.
Born seven weeks premature and with an exomphalos, a defect of the abdominal wall that caused a part of his bowel and intestines to protrude outside of his body, the inspirational youngster has undergone 14 operations in his young life.
Mr Towu, 62, took the decision within hours of Carlisle-born Paul's arrival at the hospital on October 21 to operate on a defect known as an exomphalos major - rather than wait to find out more.
[5,10-12] A UK study found 75% of exomphalos have associated anomalies, 29% chromosomal, 30% non-syndromic multiple congenital anomalies, and recognisable malformation syndrome or pattern in 44%.
He was born with a one-in-5000 condition called exomphalos, meaning his abdominal muscles hadn't fully closed and his intestines had grown outside his body.
Dr Williams met the three-year-old, who suffers with exomphalos that left his organs growing outside of his abdomen, while his daughter as working at a radio station in Ghana.
Omphalocele or exomphalos is a midline abdominal wall defect containing herniated viscera covered by a membrane.
Ruptured exomphalos and gastroschisis: a retrospective analysis of morbidity and mortality in Nigerian children.
The Letterkenny boy was born with a rare condition called exomphalos which means all of his organs were outside his body.