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While it may seem that the whole hoopla would cost a bomb, it was found out that overseas wedding came out to be exorbitantly less costly, according to The Independent.
Due to this decision, cost of around 392 schemes will rise exorbitantly and it would impact 38 percent of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2017-18 which was approved by Parliament in June 2017.
MEGC acquired exorbitantly priced dysfunctional power plants from CPL .
Mr Shinwari said that if the decision was not withdrawn then rates of fresh and dry fruits would increase exorbitantly and as result the government would lose huge revenue on daily basis.
The procedure can normally be exorbitantly expensive and excruciatingly painful, more than the initial tattoo application, per CBC.
Being charged exorbitantly for an in-city trip is a nightmare for any customer.
The citizens have appealed to CEO IESCO to look into the matter personally and order to issue electricity bills on the basis of actual consumption besides withdrawing or correcting the exorbitantly excessive bills.
Perversely, this country's will to exorbitantly fund the bombing and terrorising of innocent people abroad - or to sell arms for others to join in the slaughter - is demonstrably greater than the will to properly finance its own police etc to protect UK citizens from violent - and often home-grown - terrorists.
A flood of first-time buyers enter the market, but this does not mean the price of houses should rise exorbitantly with it.
In a recent interview, St Gwynnie of the Holy Goop declared haughtily: "I find, as a consumer, that the price points of some of my favourite designer clothing is so exorbitantly expensive.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday came out in favour levying a cess on tobacco and luxury products to compensate states for loss of revenue on GST saying the cost of funding that through an additional tax would be exorbitantly high and almost unbearable.
There was very little transport on the road and taxi drivers were charging exorbitantly, yet many people managed to reach the recreational spots to enjoy the Eid.