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to expel an evil spirit
Not to be confused with:
exercise – physical, mental, or spiritual activity
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 (ĕk′sôr-sīz′, -sər-)
tr.v. ex·or·cised, ex·or·cis·ing, ex·or·cis·es
a. To expel (an evil spirit), as by incantation, command, or prayer.
b. To eliminate or suppress (a malign influence or negative feeling, for example): "the man most Americans now loved to like as they exorcised the defeatist spirit of the 1960s" (Gil Troy).
2. To free from or rid of an evil spirit, malign influence, or other harmful factor: "Kaiser Wilhelm II's puritanical wife ... sent her personal chaplain to exorcise the palace rooms Leopold had been staying in" (Adam Hochschild).

[Middle English exorcisen, from Late Latin exorcizāre, from Greek exorkizein : ex-, out of; see exo- + horkizein, to make one swear (from horkos, oath).]

ex′or·cis′er n.
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or ex•or•cize

(ˈɛk sɔrˌsaɪz, -sər-)

v.t. -cised, -cis•ing or -cized, -ciz•ing.
1. to seek to expel (an evil spirit) by religious or solemn ceremonies.
2. to free of evil spirits or malignant influences.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Late Latin exorcizāre < Greek exorkízein=ex- ex-3 + horkízein to administer an oath]
ex′or•cis`er, n.
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Past participle: exorcised
Gerund: exorcising

I exorcise
you exorcise
he/she/it exorcises
we exorcise
you exorcise
they exorcise
I exorcised
you exorcised
he/she/it exorcised
we exorcised
you exorcised
they exorcised
Present Continuous
I am exorcising
you are exorcising
he/she/it is exorcising
we are exorcising
you are exorcising
they are exorcising
Present Perfect
I have exorcised
you have exorcised
he/she/it has exorcised
we have exorcised
you have exorcised
they have exorcised
Past Continuous
I was exorcising
you were exorcising
he/she/it was exorcising
we were exorcising
you were exorcising
they were exorcising
Past Perfect
I had exorcised
you had exorcised
he/she/it had exorcised
we had exorcised
you had exorcised
they had exorcised
I will exorcise
you will exorcise
he/she/it will exorcise
we will exorcise
you will exorcise
they will exorcise
Future Perfect
I will have exorcised
you will have exorcised
he/she/it will have exorcised
we will have exorcised
you will have exorcised
they will have exorcised
Future Continuous
I will be exorcising
you will be exorcising
he/she/it will be exorcising
we will be exorcising
you will be exorcising
they will be exorcising
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been exorcising
you have been exorcising
he/she/it has been exorcising
we have been exorcising
you have been exorcising
they have been exorcising
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been exorcising
you will have been exorcising
he/she/it will have been exorcising
we will have been exorcising
you will have been exorcising
they will have been exorcising
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been exorcising
you had been exorcising
he/she/it had been exorcising
we had been exorcising
you had been exorcising
they had been exorcising
I would exorcise
you would exorcise
he/she/it would exorcise
we would exorcise
you would exorcise
they would exorcise
Past Conditional
I would have exorcised
you would have exorcised
he/she/it would have exorcised
we would have exorcised
you would have exorcised
they would have exorcised
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Verb1.exorcise - expel through adjuration or prayersexorcise - expel through adjuration or prayers; "exorcise evil spirits"
organized religion, religion, faith - an institution to express belief in a divine power; "he was raised in the Baptist religion"; "a member of his own faith contradicted him"
eject, turf out, boot out, chuck out, exclude, turn out - put out or expel from a place; "The unruly student was excluded from the game"
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1. drive out, expel, cast out, adjure He tried to exorcise the pain of his childhood trauma.
2. purify, free, cleanse They came to our house and exorcized me.
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يَطْرُد الأرواح الشِّرّيرَه
reka út/særa burt illa anda
izdzīt ļaunos garus


[ˈeksɔːsaɪz] VT [+ person, evil spirit] → exorcizar
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exorcize [ˈɛksɔːsaɪz] vtesorcizzare
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(ˈeksoːsӕiz) verb
to drive away (an evil spirit); to rid (a house etc) of an evil spirit.
ˈexorcism noun
(an) act of exorcizing.
ˈexorcist noun
a person who exorcizes.
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References in classic literature ?
All the Powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Czar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies.
And she felt that beside the love that bound them together there had grown up between them some evil spirit of strife, which she could not exorcise from his, and still less from her own heart.
One of the earliest and most signal services he performed, was to exorcise the insatiate kill-crop that hitherto oppressed the party.
"Monsieur!" cried the duchess, seizing Athos's hands, "tell me this moment how you know all these details, or I will send to the convent of the Vieux Augustins for a monk to come and exorcise you."
We will exorcise him, in God's name and the king's."
Embattled Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno sees the need for better group dynamics at the Supreme Court and to 'exorcise some evil that may have entered their surroundings.'
Summary: Jodhpur(Rajasthan) [India], February 23 (ANI): Stating that Rajasthan Assembly building was haunted, the MLAs on Thursday demanded a 'yagya' to exorcise spirits.
"It will be the first time a lot of fans that are old enough will have been back to the ground since Villa relegated us, so maybe there will be a few fans can exorcise a few demons if we manage to beat them.
A fuller but more cumbersome version of the subtitle would be From Civilizational Spells to an Intercivilizational Turn, says Robinson, and the move toward an intercivilizational turn would ideally exorcise the civilizational spells.
Ramallah: A 19-year-old Palestinian died on Monday after being severely beaten by a conman hired by the teen's family to exorcise an aACAyevil spirit' from his body.
An Emirati woman led to believe an evil spirit had possessed her unmarried daughter was conned out of nearly Dh4 million by her daughter's friend and the latter's accomplice, who pretended to be a sorceress who could exorcise the spirit.
That starts at home to Harrogate this Saturday, a match we all assume offers them an early opportunity to exorcise the ghost of Worthing.