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A hard outer structure, such as the shell of an insect or crustacean, that provides protection or support for an organism.

ex′o·skel′e·tal (-ĭ-tl) adj.
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Additions to this treatment may include exoskeletal mobility or virtual reality visualization to provide additional stimulation in the hoped for regeneration of motor and sensory neurons.
Dunfermline-born David, 39, will fly to Seattle next month to be fitted for an intrepid dynamic exoskeletal orthosis leg brace.
Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital Grants ActivArmor ActivArmor provides the first commercially available water-safe, breathable and hygienic orthosis utilizing 3D body imaging and 3D computer aided drafting (CAD) design to develop custom-fit exoskeletal support devices for medical and sports applications.
The first procedure is to extract the backbone boundary lines, which will be exoskeletal frames of the modeled car.
With its phallic head, acid blood, double-mouth, exoskeletal design and facehugger spawning, it is an enduring symbol of sci-fi mated with horror and one of the greatest, most distinctive movie monsters of all time.
As a result, Earth's fossil record is likely to tilt in favor of not only those organisms that have a better chance of fossilizing because of their exoskeletal structure, but also those that are found in areas rich in fossilizing sediments.
Calcium concentration in seawater and exoskeletal calcification in the blue crab, Callinectus sapidus.
They are exoskeletal, and possessing an external skeleton is one of the features that limits the size they can attain--though Hadogenes troglodytes from southern Africa can attain a length of 20cm and Heterometrus swammerdami found in India grows to a record size of 23cm.
8) This exoskeletal structure is composed primarily of chitin, glucan, mannan, and glycoproteins, (9) of which glucan is an important component used in the Fungitell assay.
Healthcare professionals at the CFI met this request with a custom orthosis, the Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis (IDEO).
ii) For Instrumental Activities of Daily Living or IADLs: robots that provide support for ADL, such as meal preparation, laundry, shopping, telephone use; exoskeletal robotic suits and wheelchairs are examples of this class, too.
The ReWalk Exoskeletal Walking System for Persons with Paraplegia (VA_ReWalk).