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1. A tiny vesicle created and released from the plasma membrane of various types of cells, especially immune cells, and capable of inducing antigen-specific immune responses.
2. A cellular protein complex containing enzymes that degrade nuclear and cytoplasmic RNA.
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This presentation will examine the translational applications of exosome research, including biomarker discovery and drug delivery.
Previous research has demonstrated that exosome contents can serve as markers for different types of cancer, neurodegenerative conditions, kidney disease, foetal abnormalities and other disorders.
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Additionally, while thousands of different miRNAs were identified in these exosomes, miRNAs comprised less than 1 percent of exosome non-coding RNA sequences.
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Exosomes are potential biomarkers for cancer progression and neurodegenerative disease but it can be difficult to identify what tissue a specific exosome comes from.
For their mouse model study, the scientists used genetically engineered mice that had certain exosome proteins glow green and fluorescent red when tissue samples and blood are stained.
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"Exopharm's proprietary LEAP technology is a robust and reliable method for producing a well-defined set of proprietary pharmaceutical grade exosome product as a next-generation cell-free regenerative medicine."