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 (ĕk′sō-thûr′mĭk) also ex·o·ther·mal (-məl)
Releasing heat: an exothermic reaction.

ex′o·ther′mi·cal·ly adv.


(ˌɛksəʊˈθɜːmɪk) or


(Chemistry) (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the evolution of heat. Compare endothermic, exoergic
ˌexoˈthermically, ˌexoˈthermally adv


(ˌɛk soʊˈθɜr mɪk)

also ex`o•ther′mal,

noting or pertaining to a chemical change that is accompanied by a liberation of heat (opposed to endothermic).
ex`o•ther′mi•cal•ly, adv.
ex`o•ther•mic′i•ty (-θərˈmɪs ɪ ti) n.


Releasing heat: an exothermic chemical reaction. Compare endothermic.
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Adj.1.exothermic - (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the liberation of heat
energy-releasing, exoergic - (of a nuclear reaction) occurring with evolution or releasing of energy
endothermal, endothermic, heat-absorbing - (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat


[ˌɛksəʊˈθɜːmɪk] adjesotermico/a
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Limited tenders are invited for supply of exothermic powder
In addition to allowing unattended operation (even overnight), active temperature control also enables responsive control of exothermic reactions, constant rate cooling to enhance polymorph studies and significant improvement in reaction reproducibility.
"Asbury Carbons is committed to New Jersey there are still many good things about the state, including its location and workforce but the high taxes and other operating costs can hurt a business' bottom line.""Even with our company's starting wage of about $15 an hour, it can be hard to get by in this state, especially if you've got a family."- Paul Steck, Exothermic MoldingHigh costs and other issues have also tempted CEOs at other companies, like Kenilworth-based Exothermic Molding Inc., to look elsewhere.
ADNBF and complexes 1-3 exhibited one exothermic process with an exothermic peak temperature of about 265 AdegC, and the trend of thermal stability for ADNBF and complexes 1-3 was found to be in the order of 1<2<3<ADNBF.
The TGA curve of tin sulfides in air dramatically changed, and a sharp pair of exothermic peaks appeared between 400 and 600[degrees]C in the DTA curve, corresponding to the oxidation of Sn[S.sub.2] to form tin oxides (Fig.3C) [4].
Figure 1 shows exothermic rate curves during the hydration of pure cement paste and cement paste containing five kinds of ester.
The exothermic event with well-defined sharp peaks that occurred between 260 [degrees]C and 600 [degrees]C corresponds to the sample thermal decomposition, leading to formation of iron oxides.
The CBA formulations in the new +Foam series include the standard exothermic azodicarbonamide, an endothermic CBA, and a combination of the two.
The incubator is a thermal blanket which has exothermic body heat pads and semi-solid hydrogenated oils and provides heat to prematurely born infants who otherwise cannot generate enough body heat by themselves, accounting for neonatal deaths.
The DSC curves show endothermic and exothermic reactions during calcination, such as desorption of surface water (H2O), dehydroxy lation (structural OH-groups) and the transformation to mullite and cristobalite, with resultant temperature effects of dehydroxylation and polymorphic transformation strongly dependent on kaolinite structural order (Ece et al., 2003; Ekosse, 2008).
Polymerization is heat-initiated, and the Portland cement exothermic reaction accelerates curing.
One of the factors that determine the evolution of detonation processes in energy condensed systems based on ammonium saltpeter is the rate of exothermic decomposition in the system which, in its turn, is caused by the parameters of ammonium nitrate thermal decomposition.