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1. From another part of the world; foreign: exotic tropical plants in a greenhouse. See Synonyms at foreign.
2. Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange: "If something can be explained simply, in a familiar way, then it is best to avoid more exotic explanations" (Chet Raymo). See Synonyms at fantastic.
3. Of or involving striptease: an exotic dancer.
1. One that is exotic.
2. A striptease performer.

[Latin exōticus, from Greek exōtikos, from exō, outside; see exo-.]

ex·ot′i·cal·ly adv.
ex·ot′ic·ness n.
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Noun1.exoticness - the quality of being exotic; "he loved the exoticism of Egypt"
foreignness, curiousness, strangeness - the quality of being alien or not native; "the strangeness of a foreigner"
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Ok, so there may not be crystal clear waters or huts in the middle of the sea but there is tropical plants and a great feeling of exoticness in the Barbican Conservatory.
For Latinas, it is the gendered media practices that surround sexual exoticness, racial flexibility, and ethnic ambiguity that position them as globally consumable docile bodies subject to the erotic and voracious gaze of the United States.
This bold 1956 ad by Robert Scanlon touched on the warmth and exoticness of North Africa and beyond to entice British European Airways travellers to Morocco, Libya and Egypt.
The exoticness, still too natural and culturally fit, is highly recommended.
As a supplement to TV animations, manga raised the idea of "exoticness" and even the identity of "lover." "I wanted to review the stories that I watched on TV, but TV broadcast was linear.
The ambassador said that one of the Thai government's main strategies is to globally raise awareness of its food under the slogan "Kitchen to the World", as the nation's food has already acquired a remarkable acceptance for its distinctiveness and exoticness, spreading all over the world.
"With a longer-term view on investing, a more cohesive environment and the exoticness of working closely with a successful family -as well as wearing several hats as a senior staff member is a lure in contrast with the much more hectic lifestyles they would endure at other types of asset management firms."
These beauty ideals, deeply entrenched within Modern European society, only allowed White women to be sexual and feminine; Black women were equated with ugliness, exoticness, and masculinity as they did not occupy the same roles as their White counterparts.
First of all, they found exoticness in Koreans' daily lifestyle such as white clothes, especially "hanbok" (Korean traditional costume), "gat" (Korean traditional hat made of bamboo and horsehair), tobacco pipes, thatched-roof houses and "ondol" (Korean traditional floor heating system).
This is due to numerous factors: the relatively short duration of the Urartians as a significant power, the short diachronic coverage of the small amount of extant textual material, and the "exoticness" of the language are among the most important.
Many of the international perfumers understand the exoticness and the cultural essence of Middle Eastern notes, with a lot of brands infusing the fragrance of oud.
A close-up shows him running his fingers over a tribal mask, representing her exoticness and implying that she is awakening his sensuality.