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A transducer designed for a given range of input voltages that produces a larger range of output voltages.
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- US-based medical imaging and informatics systems company NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) has introduced multi-node, bi-directional HD video/audio streaming device called ExpandOR, the company said on Tuesday.
ExpandOR allows secure streaming to multiple destinations simultaneously, and helps increase clinical staff efficiency via enhanced hospital-wide communication with the operating room, as well as external targeted locations such as educational facilities, NDS said.
NDS added that the secure multi-node functionality of ExpandOR allows the user to choose specific IP addresses, thereby streaming content to approved audiences only.
Q: How does the ExpandOR HD Video/ Audio Streaming Device help improve communication among medical personnel?
Specifically designed and certified for patient vicinity use within the operating room, ExpandOR is a medical-grade HD video/ audio streaming appliance for use in healthcare environments allowing full duplex audio/video streaming between surgical staff, resulting in improved patient safety and increased OR efficiency.
The overall structure, which consists of the compressor, the uniform quantizer, and the expandor, in cascade, is called compandor (Fig.1).
The two companies have completed compatibility testing of the Maxtor Atlas SAS hard drive range and LSI Logic SAS Host Bus Adaptors, ASIC initiators, expandors and RAID controllers, and will continue to conduct testing.