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That can expand or be expanded: an expansible antenna.

ex·pan′si·bil′i·ty n.
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Double flaps may be required to cover larger defects or where there is less expansibility of adjacent skin.
Due to expansibility and hierarchy, CRFP is widespread applied in non-parametric models.
Where m is the reference gas mass flow rate (kg/s), [beta] is the diameter ratio (-), Iu is the gas expansibility (-), d is the internal throat diameter (m), I1 is the upstream gas density (kg/m3) and Dp1 is the measure of upstream-to-throat differential pressure (bar) [4].
Huawei is dedicated to providing innovative 5G bearer solutions, and working together with industry partners to promote 5G bearer-related technologies to be standardized by international standards organizations, including FlexE, network slicing, low latency, network expansibility, high-precision clock, 50GE/200GE/400GE, and millimetric wave, etc.
Our final forum, Army Expansibility, presents three articles touching on important aspects of the US Army's ability to expand rapidly.
Straining is observed with the increase in power of expansibility in response to continuing air flow.
This kind of route operation is simple and good expansibility, do not maintain to the network structure.
After freeze-drying the PRP, the microscaffold could also stay in the titanium pores because of the expansibility of gelatin when absorbing water.
Because of its high precision and the good expansibility, MERR_SVD++ is suitable for processing big data and has wide application prospect in the field of internet information recommendation.
right arrow] EXPANSIBILITY (A) (-specific to aggregate indexes)
14) The 2012 Army Strategic Planning Guidance states, "The development of mid-grade officers and non-commissioned officers has been the historical limiting factor in expansibility.
Food web robustness to biodiversity loss: The roles of connectance, expansibility and degree distribution.