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That can expand or be expanded: an expansible antenna.

ex·pan′si·bil′i·ty n.
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Therefore, with the aim of improving the expansibility of the classic EWT, this paper proposes an effective method based on an improved EWT that introduces a new adaptive spectrum division mechanism to improve the separation performance for time-frequency overlapped signals, and particularly for MFSK.
(2000) mentioned that in rats, the GDF9 inhibit FSH-induced cAMP synthesis, so the SNPin GDF9 of sheep may be cause increment the sensitivity of ovarian follicles to FSH, and that exert a positive effect on the number of developing follicle and CCs expansibility. Moreover, GDF-9 decline mRNA synthesis of LH receptors, also it has particular impact on CCs via inducing CCs expansion and improves hyaluronan synthase 2 (HAS2) and cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) expression.
Since SF6 is reabsorbed from the vitreous much faster and it is much less of a burden for the patient, we wanted to check whether, despite its lower expansibility, it is really as effective in releasing VMT as C3F8.
The main objective of the ENoC concept is the on-the-fly expansibility of clustered SoCs.
Keystone flap should be designed on that side of the defect having maximum skin expansibility. Double flaps may be required to cover larger defects or where there is less expansibility of adjacent skin.
Dough expansibility during fermentation can be mainly determined by viscoelasticity.
However, the applicability of two-level hybrid model is rather poor, basic data processing is complex, and its expansibility is relatively weak.
Pimentel and Anagnostou [8] bettered the loading system and the lateral confined device of the uniaxial expander and merged several independently controlled expanders which can effectively measure the long-term mechanical properties of swelling rock such as swelling, creep, and chemical-mechanical effects; later Pimentel [9] summarized the current tests of expansibility of swelling rock and states the experimental equipment and methods should be further advanced to meet the needs of various swelling rock projects.
(4) When the specimens have been cured to the 3rd, 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th days, they are, respectively, tested for compressive strength and shear strength, crack resistance, drying shrinkage and expansibility, and diameter, weight, and height of the final sample, and then other tests were carried out
They have the characteristics of low power consumption, low cost, and strong expansibility. In addition, the Global Positioning System (GPS) technique, which is widely used at present, has the characteristics of high energy consumption, high cost, and large volume compared with WSNs [5].
In addition, two experiments were carried out to analyze the efficiency of the parallel algorithm, one is about the expansibility analysis of the noise map parallel computing algorithm proposed in this paper, and the other is the analysis of the computing efficiency of Tianhe-2.