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Tending toward or causing expansion: the empire's expansionary policies in Asia.


(ɪkˈspæn ʃəˌnɛr i)

tending toward expansion: an expansionary economy.


[ɪksˈpænʃənəry] ADJexpansionista, de expansión
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Summary: According to CitiEe's Middle East Economic Outlook report, the Saudi government has reinforced its prioritization of growth over fiscal adjustment with an expansionary budget of almost SR 800.
Growth in the non-oil sector is forecasted to improve as an expansionary budget, with a specific set of stimulus packages, lifts activity.
It is safe to say the Eurozone can sustain itself without massive expansionary measures like QE.
The deficit ceiling was part of the administration's expansionary fiscal policy.
If the price pressure should climb faster than expected, the central banks could see themselves compelled to make a more aggressive exit from their continuing expansionary monetary policy - with correspondingly negative repercussions for the global economy," said Stefan Schneider, Chief German Economist at Deutsche Bank Research.
The government maintained an expansionary policy, both for 2017 (SR926 billion) billion estimate) as well as 2018 (SR978 billion estimate, up 5.
Summary: Improved oil outlook and subsidies reforms augurs well on potential expansionary budget for Saudi Arabia in 2018
A rebound in South African Customs Union (SACU) revenues, expansionary policies and the peg to the South African rand have contributed to the rebuilding of buffers and supported a growth recovery.
From 2017 to 2022, the government will embark on an expansionary fiscal policy to finance the countrys development priorities, boost economic growth, and ultimately achieve the administrations objectives of rapid poverty reduction.
These expansionary policies will be weakened by a higher federal funds rate.
In a research note titled 'EM (emerging market) hit by Trump Tantrum' on Friday, Citigroup said boosted by expectations of a rotation in the US policy mix - with expansionary fiscal policy likely taking over from monetary policy - the 10-year US dollar Treasury yields had risen in less than 48 hours by 45 basis points while the US dollar strengthened by 3 percent over the same period.
The document states that "the 2017 budget is an expansionary budget," particularly as its volume has increased by 12% in 2016 to 32.