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Tending toward or causing expansion: the empire's expansionary policies in Asia.
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(ɪkˈspæn ʃəˌnɛr i)

tending toward expansion: an expansionary economy.
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[ɪksˈpænʃənəry] ADJexpansionista, de expansión
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In addition, Curaleaf intends to access further real estate capital to finance additional operational facilities and certain current expansionary construction projects.
Expansionary monetary policy limited the scope of the recession as well as its duration.
An expansionary fiscal policy could help boost the economy given Korea's financial health, measured by the national debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio.
Within this backdrop, the Singaporean government has launched an expansionary 2019 budget.
Singapore has announced expansionary budget as the City State's growth slows due to external headwinds, QNB has said in an economic commentary.
The UAE can afford a modest expansionary fiscal stance in the next few years given the large financial buffers and relatively low government debt.
With China's growth steadily declining and the consumer price index at around 2 per cent, the PBOC would do well to adopt a more expansionary monetary policy.
The economy is expected to continue its steady pace of growth driven by consumption and exports, as well as expansionary fiscal policies.
We believe that these factors and the strong fiscal buffers are supportive of a shift to an expansionary fiscal position, which should in turn bolster economic activity in 2019," Malik said.
The bank said that such an expansionary fiscal policy stance would put the Italian economy and Italian assets under pressure.
These strengths are balanced by per capita income and governance standards well below the 'BB' medians, high commodity dependence, and a poor private investment climate rendering the economy reliant on expansionary policies, the scope for which is narrowing.