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intr.v. ex·pa·ti·at·ed, ex·pa·ti·at·ing, ex·pa·ti·ates
1. To speak or write at length: expatiated on the subject until everyone was bored.
2. To wander freely.

[Latin expatiārī, expatiāt- : ex-, ex- + spatiārī, to spread (from spatium, space).]

ex·pa′ti·a′tion n.
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Noun1.expatiation - a discussion (spoken or written) that enlarges on a topic or theme at length or in detail
elaboration, enlargement, expansion - a discussion that provides additional information


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His brother-in-law paused in the middle of an expatiation on the business opportunities of the neighborhood.
Support for the inference is contained in the Court's expatiation on the legal principles governing Articles 2 and 3 in this context.
The current expatiation within the field of counselor education regarding the intersection of heteronomous religious values and the profession's affirmation of diverse sexual orientations raises complex ethical questions that need further exploration.
Arising from the above expatiation, in his work, Categories of Cross-cultural Cognition and the African Condition, Emevwo Biakolo asserts that it is in unity with the pattern of growth and development of the new science of anthropology which replaced the old science of subject-object relations (epistemology), that the determining factor that become the issue of race (1998: 1).
These difficult ornaments and passages were mentally taxing, but they were for this same reason beneficial: highly allegorical spots served a mnemonic function (because they were memorable), counteracted the very real problem of boredom, and acted as sites for mental expatiation and meditative-interpretive creativity.
This ideational development of the argument creates not only a logical chain of connections, but also a discourse chain of expatiation that leads to a better negotiation with the readers.
And if I'd been Aeneas, listening to his father's expatiation, I think these would have been the words that stayed with me.
Carpenter's (2013) expatiation of Jefferson's conception of republicanism is for the most part accurate and in keeping with Jefferson's elaboration of republican in the Rockfish Gap Report, his First Inaugural Address, and numerous letters to select correspondents--e.