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a. The act of expecting.
b. Eager anticipation: eyes shining with expectation.
2. The state of being expected.
a. Something expected: a result that did not live up to expectations.
b. expectations Prospects, especially of success or gain.
4. Statistics
a. The expected value of a random variable.
b. The mean of a random variable.

ex′pec·ta′tion·al adj.
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of or relating to an expectation or expectations
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However, Keynes' expectational map was very different from Alesina's.
This distinctive beauty programme also includes specific aesthetic medicinal treatments which promise you expectational results as seen with a natural lifting effect, a reduction in expression lines, younger hands with mesotherapy's revitalizing cocktails, radiant cleansed skin through the Hollywood peeling cleanse, and hair regeneration with the use of Platelet-rich plasma.
Hence, in expectational terms, every such trade entails a gain from trade--in other words, an addition to the trader's wealth.
If, instead, they are highly uncertain, the expectational effect moves the risk premium in the opposite direction, so as to identify a critical level of sustainable public debt which is even lower than [bar.b]'.
The institution's commitment to the students affected the expectational climate which housed the levels of support, feedback and involvement that students received within that climate (Lefcovitch et al.,2012).
Professor Noor Ahmed Janjhi, the noted writer in his speech said that Sadq Fakeer had introduced new trends in the music and the way he sang the poetry of many poets just expectational and splendid.
* The agent-level heterogeneity appears to only strengthen the power of pessimism: even if the initial distribution of beliefs includes the high-education outcome and does not include the low-education outcome, the model's nonlinear dynamics and expectational feedback may still lead to a poverty trap.
However, when expectational feedback is strong, mean reversion is weak, and so the agent with the drifting parameters model confronts the problem of testing the null of a unit root against a local alternative.
What strategies require external managers that seek to outperform a well-understood market benchmark versus an absolute-return or expectational performance target?
[18] Conrad calls this initial expectational phase "Trema" (stage fright) as the patient has the feeling that something very important is about to happen.