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Of, relating to, or concerned with what is expedient.

ex·pe′di·en′tial·ly adv.


denoting, based on, or involving expediency
exˌpediˈentially adv
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2014 saw a step change in our expediential growth as RBS agreed an exciting partnership to take the best practice from Scotland to the rest of the UK, and these Scotland numbers show the sheer potential that Entrepreneurial Spark has to engage, excite and, most importantly, accelerate budding entrepreneurs across the country.
This is exceptionally relevant in today's market with the expediential growth and reliance for business on their telecommunications infrastructure, fixed and mobile, to deliver against the business needs.
expediential societal structures, which decree that pregnancy
The result has been an almost expediential growth of the past decade in the number and value of strategic alliances.
As with any region experiencing expediential growth in a short period of time, schedule can trump quality.
As exciting as printed electronics, solar technology demands larger footprint capabilities and is equally poised for expediential growth.
Expediential growth has been witnessed in the first few hours of the Congress with around 2,000 medical delegates arriving from various parts of the world.
We had ten years of expediential growth, that has never happened before.
Their Wilsonian, or neo-Wilsonian goals, according to Kurth, drove the neoconservative second generation, grouped around William Kristol and his Weekly Standard, into building an expediential alliance, stretching leftward as well as including a Republican base.
The emerging mosaic of cooperative arrangements remains fragile; it has not yet hardened into a well-established assemblage of social practices featuring a common discourse that can turn expediential and transient calculations of political interest into a mode of operation that becomes a matter of second nature to its participants.