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Of, relating to, or concerned with what is expedient.

ex·pe′di·en′tial·ly adv.


denoting, based on, or involving expediency
exˌpediˈentially adv
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TropiClean experienced an expediential growth among orders this year.
Stuart has a wealth of experience from steering the Admiral Group of companies through expediential business growth over the last 25 years.
Furthermore, we designed an auxiliary credit system to impose restrictions on special authorizations and perform periodic credit adjustment auditing, to reduce the potential for abuse of expediential approvals.
In an age of expediential technological advancements, the SAVE Program can deliver sensory integration to more people, no matter how limited their abilities, in a consistent and accelerated program.
Secondly, there is the fact that where biblical instruction is available, Malthus does not hesitate to interpret the texts appropriately in the light of expediential considerations should a clash with utility seem to exist.
Antonia Carver, Arabian Nights Programmer added: "Fittingly for the decennial DIFF edition, this year's Arabian Nights programme reflects the expediential growth of the regional landscape -- through voices of filmmakers deeply embedded in their communities, their subjects and their craft.
This is exceptionally relevant in today's market with the expediential growth and reliance for business on their telecommunications infrastructure, fixed and mobile, to deliver against the business needs.
* The right to academic freedom, including scientific experimental, experiential, and expediential inquiries
expediential societal structures, which decree that pregnancy