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1. Suitable or efficient for accomplishing a purpose: thought email was the most expedient way to communicate with distant relatives.
2. Convenient but based on a concern for self-interest rather than principle: changed his position when it was politically expedient.
3. Obsolete Speedy; expeditious.
1. Something that is a means to an end, especially when based on self-interest: compromised only as an expedient to boost his career.
2. Something contrived or used to meet an urgent need: exhausted every expedient before filing a lawsuit.

[Middle English, from Latin expediēns, expedient-, present participle of expedīre, to make ready; see expedite.]

ex·pe′di·ent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.expediently - in an expedient manner
inexpediently - in an inexpedient manner


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It was down to the skills and due diligence of the team involved that the problem was both highlighted and dealt with so expediently.
The primary scope of the project is to expediently and biometrically identify subjects in non-intake situations.
There are currently more than 1,000 workers on site to make sure that the building, which was originally launched in 2007 with a view to being completed in 2010 , is completed as expediently as possible.
A statement on behalf of Belfast Boys' Model School in North Belfast and the Belfast Education and Library Board said the board of governors, principal and BELB officers "have been actively engaged in meetings to resolve this matter expediently in the best interests of the staff member, pupils and wider school community".
In order to reassert its hold over Bahrain, al Khalifa clan has been to allow Sunni foreign nationals to enter Bahrain and become naturalized expediently, not troubling with background checks and morality.
As always, Meridian was able to expediently negotiate a highly accretive loan for us with a competitive rate hard terms.
A state jurisdiction will need to plan as part of the transition to the 2014 GED Exam so that students can finish the "old" or "new" GED testing expediently.
Ihsanoglu further invited Syria to expediently revert to cautious behavior and to careful attendance to the legitimate expectations of the Syrian people.
Khan had earlier said the matter could have been resolved expediently.
MIRA chief executive officer George Gillespie said: "MIRA Technology Park will result in the creation of thousands of jobs for our region - a major benefit of becoming an Enterprise Zone is it allows us to move ahead with our development plans more expediently.
Please let the move for Treganna and Tan-yr-Eos happen as expediently as possible so that this disadvantage will discontinue and our four daughters can walk to school together from September 2011 onwards.
He expediently entered all required data into AFSAS, allowing information to be distributed to units with like missions to prevent future mishaps.