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tr.v. ex·pe·dit·ed, ex·pe·dit·ing, ex·pe·dites
To speed up the progress of or execute quickly: expedite the review of a legal case; expedite a loan application.

[Latin expedīre, expedīt-, to free from entanglements, make ready; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

ex′pe·dit′er, ex′pe·di′tor n.


(ˈɛkspɪˌdaɪtə) or


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a person who expedites something, esp a person employed in an industry to ensure that work on each job progresses efficiently
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A courier is different from an expediter or a messenger service, Ward explains.
Coming back to the company's base of operations in the UAE, Ameri says that while he sees Expo 2020 as an expediter for the local construction industry, especially in Dubai, he also thinks there's more to the country than just the Expo.
NYSE: JBT) said that the company has been awarded a contract valued at over USD11m from a US-based aviation ground services provider for the supply of Commander cargo loaders, Tempest aircraft deicing vehicles and Expediter towbarless tractors.
XPO CEO Bradley Jacobs, commented that the purchase of the biggest web-based expediter in North America would enable his company to enter the area of managed transportation.
He notified his flight line expediter and reported his findings.
LS2(SW) David Altier, Casualty Report Manager and Lead Expediter Stock Control Division,
Dawn Tesch, purchasing expediter, adds, "The Sustainability Team couldn't have achieved these prestigious awards without the help and dedication from each and every employee.
Tri-State is a leading expediter with more than 25 years of experience in delivering on-time critical freight by ground, air, and logistics services to the 48 contiguous states, Canada, and Mexico.
An expediter is a person who, for compensation, seeks to obtain licenses, permits and certificates for another person," Chicago's Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection explains.
He was employed at GenRad Corporation for 28 years as an expediter where he made many lifelong friends.
Despite its big role, the Manama hub is small, composed of a hub chief, three diplomatic couriers, a courier escort, an expediter, a driver and an office manager.
Their functioning is restricted to the follow up work of a Muaqib (an expediter of paperwork at government offices)," he said.
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