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Acting or done with speed and efficiency. See Synonyms at fast1.

ex′pe·di′tious·ly adv.
ex′pe·di′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.expeditiousness - the property of being prompt and efficient; "it was done with dispatch"
celerity, rapidity, rapidness, speediness, quickness - a rate that is rapid
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Such inordinate delay was not explained and goes against the cornerstone of expeditiousness in dealing with judicial matters.
expeditiousness of the decisions has translated into a great respect of
I appreciate expeditiousness, but even the "washed" are often misled.
Indeed, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority cites expeditiousness as the official reason why it chose to grant the project to China.7 Chinese promptness certainly contrasts with the long and complex negotiation and implementation processes that characterise agreements with the traditional great powers.
Then, there is the growing number of the wrongfully incarcerated; sent to prison by overzealous prosecutors, ineffective defense attorneys, corrupt police investigations, faulty eyewitnesses, and a wholly flawed criminal justice system designed not for justice but for expeditiousness and finality--designed to feed the clanking machine that is the prison-industrial complex.
Ask that controller to talk about problems they see at their facility and ask how you can better work together to enhance the "safe" and "orderly" part of everyone's job and maybe even re-interject a little of that expeditiousness.
'Whether it is the PML-N, PTI or PPP, it will be a great loss to the nation if the accountability process suffers due to political expeditiousness.' He said he too had appeared before NAB and answered their queries.
(64) The five TCPS areas are: (1) access to justice; (2) expeditiousness and timeliness; (3) equality, fairness, and integrity; (4) independence and accountability; and (5) public trust and confidence.
"We found that the depth and scope of the issues we identified are a symptom of a long-standing agency culture that seemingly valued expeditiousness and flexibility over following established policies and procedures," the IG said in its review.
Instead of hindering the expeditiousness of dispute resolution, class arbitration actually acted in furtherance of it, Justice Breyer argued.
More generally, the Ninth Circuit, "[a]bsent a showing of clear abuse, typically do[es] not disturb an [immigration judge]'s discretionary decision not to continue a hearing," but it also does not "allow a myopic insistence upon expeditiousness to render the right to counsel an empty formality." Biwot v.
As a result, eReference thoroughness, expeditiousness, and budgetary efficiency revitalize the value of the reference collection and reaffirm it as essential to the academic thought process.