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Acting or done with speed and efficiency. See Synonyms at fast1.

ex′pe·di′tious·ly adv.
ex′pe·di′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.expeditiousness - the property of being prompt and efficient; "it was done with dispatch"
celerity, rapidity, rapidness, speediness, quickness - a rate that is rapid


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We found that the depth and scope of the issues we identified are a symptom of a long-standing agency culture that seemingly valued expeditiousness and flexibility over following established policies and procedures," the IG said in its review.
Instead of hindering the expeditiousness of dispute resolution, class arbitration actually acted in furtherance of it, Justice Breyer argued.
As a result, eReference thoroughness, expeditiousness, and budgetary efficiency revitalize the value of the reference collection and reaffirm it as essential to the academic thought process.
More generally, the Ninth Circuit, "[a]bsent a showing of clear abuse, typically do[es] not disturb an [immigration judge]'s discretionary decision not to continue a hearing," but it also does not "allow a myopic insistence upon expeditiousness to render the right to counsel an empty formality.
As separate proceedings, they give rise neither to concerns regarding inconsistent findings, nor to concerns regarding the expeditiousness of the trial.
We have very serious concerns about the fairness, impartiality and expeditiousness of the trial.
At the end of the day, we need to do what's right first, and we'll worry about expeditiousness second," said Commissioner Ryan Sitton.
simplicity, expeditiousness, and cost-effectiveness of arbitration, but
216) Otherwise, a late invocation of Regulation 55 inhibits the effectiveness and expeditiousness of any defense effort.
With a view to impart greater transparency and expeditiousness in the sanctioning of Grants-in-Aid to Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the process of submission of application and subsequent process has been made online mandatory from the financial year 2014-15.
The most potent deterrent against the spread of corruption is the certainty of punishment and expeditiousness of the proceedings, by boosting the structural capability of our anti-graft mechanisms," Drilon added.
The second area focuses on principles of company communication, which are directness, expeditiousness, and accessibility [26].