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tr.v. ex·pelled, ex·pel·ling, ex·pels
1. To force or drive out: expel an invader.
2. To discharge from or as if from a receptacle: expelled a sigh of relief.
3. To deprive of membership or rights in an organization; force to leave: expelled the student from college for cheating.

[Middle English expellen, from Latin expellere : ex-, ex- + pellere, to drive; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·pel′la·ble adj.
ex·pel′ler n.
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Consequent upon default, mark-up will also be borne by the borrowers themselves.The areas of Agri Credit of ZTBL are expanding and Joint venture schemes on similar lines for agricultural credit are under process with rest of provincial governments i.e., KPK, Balochistan, Sindh and Gilgit/Balitstan.ZTBL is also proceeding towards diversification of loan portfolio and is going to introduce new value added products/schemes of financing like Milk Chilling Units, Small Oil Expeller Units for Canola, Soyabean, Sunflower, Mustard and Olive Oil, three Wheeler Loader Rickshaw, Floriculture including Green House, Tunnel Farming,Silo, Silage making/Fruit Processing.
Good options include draff, brewers' grains and Traffordgold wheatgluten moist feed, or for a dry feed option, consider a 50/50 mix of soya hulls and palm kernel expeller."
Mrs Helen Adekola's son had malaria and she was advised by a friend to also give him a worm expeller. Her friend said this would afford the child a quicker recovery from malaria.
All of their chips are gluten-free and use all-natural ingredients, including healthy expeller pressed high-oleic safflower or sunflower oil.
It also trades in grains, oilseeds and animal feedstuffs, as well as manufacturing and supplying vegetable oils, protein feeds and expeller.
In the national capital, groundnut mill delivery (Gujarat) and mustard expeller (Dadri) traded higher by Rs30 each at Rs10,380 and Rs8,080 per quintal, respectively.
To achieve its omega 369 balance, Brio contains a blend of organic coconut oil and expeller pressed non-GMO canola and sunflower oils.
28 to unload a cargo of palm kernel expeller, a by-product of palm oil, which has many uses.
Harvest Innovations uses expeller pressing to turn grains, legumes and oilseeds into minimally-processed, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free ingredients.
* Expeller pressed oil: Extracted mechanically (by pressing) without the use of solvents, such as hexane.