experimental method

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Noun1.experimental method - the use of controlled observations and measurements to test hypotheses
scientific method - a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses
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It was clear to him that the experimental method was the only method by which one could arrive at any scientific analysis of the passions; and certainly Dorian Gray was a subject made to his hand, and seemed to promise rich and fruitful results.
An experimental method using radioactively labeled cells todetect the early stages of transplant rejection may be practical as either a replacement or a supplement to current techniques that require a series of heart-muscle biopsies, according to a report in the April CIRCULATION.
Hoping to further this development, they present 36 chapters that collectively review basic definitions and concepts; compare the experimental method with other forms of political science analysis; review the contributions of experimental research in the areas of decision making, candidate evaluations and voting behavior, interpersonal relations, the politics of identity and ethnicity, institutions and behavior, and elite bargaining; and explore key methodological issues.
Written at the Delft University of Technology, this doctoral thesis improves existing instruments for analyzing protein adsorption on solid surfaces, and applies a consistent experimental method to lysozyme, bovine serum albumin, and fibrinogen adsorption onto silica and titania substrates.
A selection of 10 presentations look at her experimental method, the practice of democratic citizenship, and democratic cosmopolitanism and peace.
Introduction: Development of an experimental method for extracting reishi mushroom extract will be detailed to provide the herbal industry with an evidence-based guide for creating a traditional herbal extract.
If critics cannot find any fault in the experimental method and controls used by these pioneer psychic researchers, the number of trials made is deemed as not big enough to warrant a valid conclusion.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 15, 2015-Protocols.io, New England Biolabs to improve experimental method sharing, communication
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2015-Protocols.io, New England Biolabs to improve experimental method sharing, communication
(1) The experimental method described in the journal Nature Nanotechnology uses gold nanoparticles to produce a color-specific result easily read with the naked eye, and could be configured to detect low concentrations of various proteins, such as those related to HIV, tuberculosis or even prostate cancer.
Besides, studies generally focus on subject teaching and were done by using experimental method. Appended is "Used Documents in the Study." (Contains 7 tables.)
* the data obtained by means of the experimental method using a stand with open circuit and PULSE program present the peaks of maximum frequency for f = 50Hz-100 Hz;

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