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Use of empirical or experimental methods in determining the validity of ideas.

ex·per′i·men′tal·ist n.


employment of or reliance upon experiments; empiricism
exˌperiˈmentalist n


(ɪkˌspɛr əˈmɛn tlˌɪz əm)

1. the theory or practice of relying on experimentation; empiricism.
2. fondness for experimenting or innovating.
ex•per`i•men′tal•ist, n.


a reliance on principles of empiricism in philosophy or science. — experimentalist, n.
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Noun1.experimentalism - an empirical doctrine that advocates experimental principles
empiricism, empiricist philosophy, sensationalism - (philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge derives from experience
2.experimentalism - an orientation that favors experimentation and innovation; "the children of psychologists are often raised in an atmosphere of experimentalism"
orientation - an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
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Influenced by both the Darmstadt school and American experimentalism, Transicion II is a caricature of avant-garde endeavor where a prepared piano, clusters, indeterminancy, live electronics, open form, serial techniques, graphic notation, and musical theatrics are casually mixed.
Not clear either: Both partake of gimmickry and experimentalism.
Pic carries the flag for experimentalism along with Mexican Amat Escalante's "Sangre," a haunting minimalist study of a mundane working-class couple whose lives are suddenly blown apart.
This was Gabriel embracing post punk experimentalism, on a collection of tweaked angular pop songs bristling with menace and confidence.
There is, Boone wants to say, a kind of elective affinity between the ruses of modernist experimentalism and the polymorphous instability of sexual life.
The experimentalism of the new book suggests an attempt to break new ground - or rather, to find high ground equal in elevation to the previous heights of The Clean Dark, so as not to appear, perhaps, to be going over the same old ground.
There are awesome songs in their canon as well though - a quick listen to the joyful (yes) drone of Outta My Head, the spaced-out experimentalism of For So Long and the Motorbike's growling engine (all rather handily on their www.
The scene rapidly moves from a Germany under Allied occupation--where the direction of military government dominated musical re-education--to the Germany of the early 1950s, where Heinrich Strobel's revitalised Donaueschingen Festival, Herbert Eimert's late night radio broadcasts on NWDR and Wolfgang Rebner's 1954 Darmstadt lecture began to introduce German audiences to the experimentalism of Cage and Cowell, not always with entirely positive responses from their various audiences.
Easy listening, exotica, theremin-based sound tracks, sketch comedy, hi-fi experimentalism, roots rock--at a time dominated by either folk-hippie naturalism or the arty pretensions of prog rock, DAM chose to bend an ear toward the sounds preserved in bargain bins.
A thoroughly immersive experience, The Passing Measures is further proof of Birmingham's place at the top table of experimentalism.
Often embarking in strenuous polemics with other major Italian writers, poets, and essayists of his time, such as Pavese, Pasolini, and Calvino, on matters such as the capacity of poetry to play a role in the 'lotta di classe', Fortini advocates a poetry of equilibrium, strongly opposing linguistic and poetical experimentalism.
Largely improvised and shot using many handheld digital video cameras, at times attached to the actors, the operation is perhaps more interesting in theory than it is on the screen, and appears too shapeless to attract a significant audience beyond hard-line experimentalism enthusiasts.

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