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A person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject.
adj. (ĕk′spûrt, ĭk-spûrt′)
Having, involving, or demonstrating skill in or knowledge of a certain subject. See Synonyms at proficient.

[Middle English, from Old French, experienced, from Latin expertus, past participle of experīrī, to try; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

ex′pert′ly adv.
ex′pert′ness n.
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Adv.1.expertly - in an expert manner; "he repaired the TV set expertly"
amateurishly - in an amateurish manner; "he performed the piece amateurishly"
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meî færni; prÿîilega


[ˈekspɜːtlɪ] ADVcon habilidad, con pericia (more frm)
she drove expertly through the trafficcondujo con habilidad or con pericia entre el tráfico
he handled the controls expertlymanejaba expertamente los mandos, manejaba los mandos con la habilidad de un experto
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[ˈɛkspɜːrtli] advhabilementexpert witness nexpert m
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adv (= skilfully)meisterhaft; drive, manoeuvregeschickt, gekonnt; repairfachmännisch; (= using expert knowledge) judge, examinesachverständig; the job was expertly donedie Arbeit wurde fachmännisch ausgeführt
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[ˈɛkspɜːtlɪ] advabilmente, con perizia
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(ˈekspəːt) adjective
(with at or on) skilled through training or practice. an expert car designer; I'm expert at map-reading; Get expert advice on plumbing.
a person who is an expert. an expert in political history / on ancient pottery.
ˈexpertly adverb
ˈexpertness noun
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"What you don't know about leprosy, and what the rest of the board of health doesn't know about leprosy, would fill more books than have been compiled by the men who have expertly studied the disease.
They fancy some foul, obscure den, some horrible Tartarus "informis, ingens, cui lumen ademptum." But no, innocent friend; in these days men have learned the art of sinning expertly and genteelly, so as not to shock the eyes and senses of respectable society.
"The picture has been expertly coloured by PaulMedia.
Five groups of students from Creative Education Trust academies across the Midlands, including Ash Green School, have each developed their own production of a Shakespeare play in an expertly abridged, halfwickshire expertly abridged, halfhour version.
SUPERSTAR Lady GaGa has told music fans the items she bought from Michael Jackson's costume designer will be "expertly cared for".
"This opportunity provides me and the Eschbacher team with the resources to begin offering our clients a wider range of expertly integrated services," said Bob Eschbacher, PE.
Expertly translated and deftly edited, "Indian Love Poetry" compiled and organized by A.
Now expertly translated by the joint efforts of Seisaku Yamamoto (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Kyoto University, Japan) and Robert E.
Justina's wonderfully charming story is expertly enhanced with the matching illustrations of Mitch Vane who is able to expressively capture Becca's exuberance and light heartedness during her seeming adversity.
Expertly compiled and knowledgeably written by David F.
It includes and organizes expertly vetted links related to three coral reef themes: biology, ecosystem and conservation.

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