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ex·plan′a·tive·ly adv.
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Some aquaculture wastes models have been developed as predictive or explanative tools that seek to predict the ecological impact associated with fluxes of waste materials from aquaculture area (Reid et al., 2009; Keeley et al., 2013).
Throughout the video series, Merlob films the process, from finding leaks using the patented equipment that has made LeakTronics the industry leader, then shows the transition from the leak detection process into an explanative and visual representation of how the repair work was completed.
The fact that Parfit is talking about the nature of morality and moral reasoning here suggests that he is thinking of metaethical differences, not of the explanative ones that I have in mind.
In a press release for a 2008 show at Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York that transcended the largely gratuitous genre, Ruth Root offered a page of source images absent of any explanative text.
At times, nervousness seemed to be evoked as an explanative tool.
The other main result we obtain is the weak explanative power of the capital-output ratio.
Instead, the significant absolute value indicates the importance of sexual distress as an explanative factor above and beyond the other variables.
The main challenge of the emergence of new sources of OFDI for extant theories is to preserve their explanative power under the conditions of increasing diversity.
Among these readings, gender and consumer politics are two issues which constantly resurface and which can provide an explanative framework for Twilight's inversion of Gothic.
While the presenters themselves were upbeat and explanative, what they were presenting wasn't something one would see in a science exhibit: Wine.
Given the objectives of the study, a quantitative design, which is both explanative and comparative, was adopted.
Introduction of Additional Explanative Factors in a Linear VAR Framework.