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ex·plan′a·tive·ly adv.
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At times, nervousness seemed to be evoked as an explanative tool.
The other main result we obtain is the weak explanative power of the capital-output ratio.
Instead, the significant absolute value indicates the importance of sexual distress as an explanative factor above and beyond the other variables.
The main challenge of the emergence of new sources of OFDI for extant theories is to preserve their explanative power under the conditions of increasing diversity.
While the presenters themselves were upbeat and explanative, what they were presenting wasn't something one would see in a science exhibit: Wine.
Given the objectives of the study, a quantitative design, which is both explanative and comparative, was adopted.
Introduction of Additional Explanative Factors in a Linear VAR Framework.
In the late nineteenth century, Max Weber and Wilhelm Dilthey, by providing cognitive theory based on interpretation, proposed interpretive method, as a certain method, instead of explanative method.
The transcendent, including infinity, which was located in the Middle Ages in the God, was surely not undone in the Renaissance, but was exactly integrated into its explanative space, true, at the price of certain enigma of the system.
For each COIA, the vectorial correlation (RV) coefficient, a multivariate generalization of the squared Pearson's correlation coefficient, provided a quantitative measure of the co-structure between explanative (environmental) and explained (shark CPUE) variables, with a value of 1 indicating a perfect match between the 2 data sets (Doledec and Chessel, 1994; Dray et al.
Thus, it should be feasible (iii) to sustain that it is not possible to firmly establish proper principles as explanative premises without constructing syllogisms.
Multidisciplinary approaches involving collaboration of communities, scientists, and resource managers and focused on priority issues or regions are most likely to address questions relevant to the North, improve the explanative power of monitoring and research efforts, and yield information useful to northern decision makers.