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Because the most common cause is malignancy, in past, urologists recommended expletory laparotomy or nephrectomy in most cases (5).
The specific practical attitude can be described as an outcome of a psychological process which limits one's thought and action assets by recalling the intention of a certain behavior to the mind (such as escape in time of fear) and in threatening situation, expands the rapid reactions range which has an instant and direct effect while the positive emotions enjoy the expletory effect (11).
Then in part (3) the hypotheses were Tested on the Results From Investigating the Questions Using Expletory Statistics and Enova Test.
In this paper the authors selected the ten important criteria from the expletory literature review and discussion with experts.
Table 1 shows the results of the expletory factor analysis of the Marketing Mix Strategies including four dimensions namely, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.