explication de texte

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ex·pli·ca·tion de texte

 (ĕk-splē-kä-syôN də tĕkst′)
n. pl. ex·pli·ca·tions de texte (-syôN)
A method of literary criticism in which the interrelated details of a written work are examined and analyzed in an effort to understand its structure and discover meanings.

[French : explication, explanation + de, of + texte, text.]

explication de texte

(ɛksplikɑsjɔ̃ də tɛkst)
n, pl explications de texte (ɛksplikɑsjɔ̃ də tɛkst)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a close textual analysis of a literary work
[literally: explanation of (the) text]

ex•pli•ca•tion de texte

(ɛk spli kɑ syɔ̃ də ˈtɛkst)

n., pl. ex•pli•ca•tions de texte (ɛk spli kɑ syɔ̃ də ˈtɛkst)
a method of close analysis of a literary text concentrating on language, style, content, and textual interrelationships.
[1930–35; < French: explanation of text]
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Noun1.explication de texte - a method of literary criticism that analyzes details of a text in order to reveal its structure and meaningexplication de texte - a method of literary criticism that analyzes details of a text in order to reveal its structure and meaning
literary criticism, criticism - a written evaluation of a work of literature
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Une posture qui evidemment demandait une explication de texte, tant elle tranche avec la precedente sortie.
Indeed, Syrimis is at his best when offering rigorous explication de texte on Pirandello's Si gira, D'Annunzio's Forse che si and Marinetti's La cinematografia futurista that are likely to be familiar to readers working in this area.
Davantage qu'une explication de texte , le livre de 244 pages, commis par les deux auteurs, fait la lumiere sur tout l'eventail des dispositions ratifiees par le legislateur au travers de l'Assemblee Nationale Constituante , et dont nombre ont souleve, soit un tolle parmi les legions des contribuables, soit suscite des reactions globalement defavorables en raison des nouvelles fiscales decidees , notamment les redevances sur les voitures particulieres.
Surely any explication de texte of Ashbery's verse is a fool's errand, since his poems are (as the title of one collection, "Flow Chart," implies) the result of a creative mind processing its slipstream of everyday perceptions and imagistic analogies arising from the subconscious.
Challenged by a friend to perform an explication de texte of one of Mallarme's vers de circonstance, Marcel Proust noted the pretentiousness of attempting to do so, while providing a few insights nonetheless: "Ses images obscures et brillantes sont sans doute encore les images des choses, puisque nous ne saurions rien imaginer d'autre, mais refletees pour ainsi dire dans le miroir sombre et poli du marbre noir.
The two parts of this work come across as an outcome of an untenable division between structure and content, style and context, which risks reducing the work to a linear explication de texte.
Part biography, part explication de texte, part the author's personal observations on conditions in war-time New Zealand, Wolfskehl's country of asylum, this exemplary monograph provides a detailed and revelatory account of Wolfskehl's exile years.
She eschews anything that resembles explication de texte and instead relies upon the prosecutorial-conspiratorial musings of Semyon Reznik.
Achsah Guibbory's important essay on Hesperides stands out here, because, while it certainly employs close formal analysis, its critical methodology is not explication de texte but historicism: she changes our view of Herrick by expertly locating the politics of his use of the Hebrew Bible within the religious controversies of the 1640s.
Her informed and insightful explication de texte brings Kierkegaard into dialogue with his better known critics, such as Adorno, MacIntyre, and Logstrup, as well as with more closely allied thinkers such as Luther, Levinas, and contemporary scholars of Christian ethics.
I don't think it works the same way in English because Americans don't have the institution of explication de texte, the history and sense of ritual that gives the activity its charm and power.
Although his style is occasionally rather laboured, we are clearly in good hands: Curran addresses many crucial questions as well as providing a useful explication de texte.