explication de texte

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ex·pli·ca·tion de texte

 (ĕk-splē-kä-syôN də tĕkst′)
n. pl. ex·pli·ca·tions de texte (-syôN)
A method of literary criticism in which the interrelated details of a written work are examined and analyzed in an effort to understand its structure and discover meanings.

[French : explication, explanation + de, of + texte, text.]

explication de texte

(ɛksplikɑsjɔ̃ də tɛkst)
n, pl explications de texte (ɛksplikɑsjɔ̃ də tɛkst)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a close textual analysis of a literary work
[literally: explanation of (the) text]

ex•pli•ca•tion de texte

(ɛk spli kɑ syɔ̃ də ˈtɛkst)

n., pl. ex•pli•ca•tions de texte (ɛk spli kɑ syɔ̃ də ˈtɛkst)
a method of close analysis of a literary text concentrating on language, style, content, and textual interrelationships.
[1930–35; < French: explanation of text]
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Noun1.explication de texte - a method of literary criticism that analyzes details of a text in order to reveal its structure and meaningexplication de texte - a method of literary criticism that analyzes details of a text in order to reveal its structure and meaning
literary criticism, criticism - a written evaluation of a work of literature
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Screech employs the method of explication de texte, a careful reading of Marot's writings, and particularly his use of scripture, to determine at what point and how thoroughly Marot converted to the reformed faith.
Ce dernier devra, tres certainement, sortir du bois prochainement pour une autre explication de texte. Et surtout poser des actes qui indiquent clairement la cap.
Galand-Hallyn with an old-fashioned French explication de texte; W.
Chahed tenait le bon bout dans son explication de texte a la television nationale dernierement.
Une posture qui evidemment demandait une explication de texte, tant elle tranche avec la precedente sortie.
The remark 'Je ne puis rien concevoir de plus inutile et de plus improbable qu'un cache-sexe en pierreries' also offers a useful way of putting down the salaciously minded undergraduate who hopes to embarrass you by asking for an explication de texte of the 'mythologie' about striptease.
The second explication de texte sets out to show intertextuality (Genesis, Plato)--why not?--but subsides into the absurd when Williams, trying to "come to terms with the text" (horrible expression), acknowledges defeat, accusing White of sending the reader on a wild goose chase ("the surface of the narrative is slippery") when that is precisely what he does himself in the rest of the chapter.
Michael Vincent construit chacun de ses chapitres autour de l'explication de texte d'une fable.
He was also a hard-line "New Critic," which meant he stressed explication de texte and eschewed any recourse to an author's life or times.
The book ends with a specimen explication de texte. This densely written book is not an easy read, but makes an intelligent contribution to La Fontaine studies.
We learn that the overwhelming tendency is to keep secondary criticism out of the classroom and that explication de texte is the most popular teaching method (11).
By his own admission McCaw is unabashedly old-fashioned in his approach: "a commentary-style explication de texte. "He asks his readers to join him in an intellectual journey through the subtleties and complexities of the poem.