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tr.v. ex·pli·cat·ed, ex·pli·cat·ing, ex·pli·cates
To make clear the meaning of; explain. See Synonyms at explain.

[Latin explicāre, explicāt-, to unfold, explain : ex-, ex- + plicāre, to fold; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]

ex′pli·ca′tion n.
ex′pli·ca′tor n.
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His essays have appeared in ANQ, Explicator, Hopkins Quarterly, Papers on Language and Literature, Persuasions, and the Yeats Eliot Review.
I wonder whether this, together with Mailer's portrayal of Sergius O'Shaugnessy, as Heather Braun says, as "an aloof ber-macho hipster" (226) is not a double dig: the first at O'Shaugnessy, and the second at American literature's most famous explicator of bullfighting--just a thought.
Thomas Jefferson, for example, was personally acquainted with Dugald Stewart, Reid's best disciple and explicator.
Bierce's An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," Explicator 48 (1989): 37-38.
Poet Jane Hirshfield, a passionate advocate and resourceful explicator of poetry, evokes the "mysterious quickening [that] inhabits the depths of any good poem" in this brilliant collection.
173 [1993]: 38; Thomas Rand, "Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey," Explicator 52 [1993-94]: 152); John 14:1-2 (Powell, "Wordsworth's Resurrections," 35); John 14:19 (Powell, "Wordsworth's Resurrections," 35); Romans 8 or 8:38-39 (Pedley, "'Cheerful Faith,'" 38; Rand, "Tintern Abbey," 152; Michael Vander Weele, "The Contest of Memory in 'Tintern Abbey,'" Nineteenth-Century Literature 50, no.
That this book presents him as a poor explicator of his own ideas, who fails in his attempts to perform them because he possesses neither the ear nor the voice of a powerful writer is all too clearly in evidence throughout this tedious and unreadable book.
Magin Lasov Gregg, "Cultivating a Queen: Allusions to Ruth in Richard II," Explicator 67, no.
the explicator of the political value of the disengaged individual" (21).
Sheryl Craig has published in Persuasions, The Explicator, Jane Austen's Regency World, and on The Jane Austen Centre's and Chawton House Library's websites.
They display great subtlety and demonstrate Gros's gifts as a marvelous reader and explicator of nuances and difficulties.
Gore Vidal was explicator, dramatist, and even avatar of these American currents--which have no place in the dreary humorless social-democratic textbook history that bores our children and suffocates our discourse.