exploded view

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ex·plod·ed view

An illustration or diagram of a construction that shows its parts separately but in positions that indicate their proper relationships to the whole.

exploded view

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a drawing or photograph of a complicated mechanism that shows the individual parts separately, usually indicating their relative positions

explod′ed view′

a graphic representation that displays the parts of a mechanism separately while showing their spatial relationship.
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Its programme launches with a solo show of Cornelia Parker that includes her signature piece from 1991, Cold Dark Matter; An Exploded View, on loan from Tate.
In addition, the technical document applications include color 3D renderings, graphical inlays, exploded view schematics, technical diagrams, manufacturing plans, architectural renderings and geographical maps.
as a solid assembly (rendered) for marketing, a wireframe for technical publications, and an exploded view for customer service and as part of a bill of materials for purchasing.
What results is a powerful testament to the deeply conflicted attitudes about the city that one finds in other Vladislavc novels like The Restless Supermarket (2001) and The Exploded View (2004), attitudes shared by many other artists and authors as well.
The instructions, which include an exploded view of the assembly, were easy to follow and the only special tools necessary were a small set of Torx screwdrivers.
Cornelia Parker, the only living artist to have a piece in the top ten, said: "I am absolutely delighted that the British public have voted my work Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View into the top ten.
Yet the show is also scattered with genuinely deceptive treats, like Bill Culbert's beguiling little Bulb Box Reflection II, 1975, or Jim Campbell's Exploded View (Commuters), 2011, whose intricate array of flashing LEDs is at once a cosmic map and a sensitive study of everyday life.
The Armorer's Kit includes AR Armorers Vise, AR-15 Combo Tool, Torque Wrench, Upper Vise Block Clamp with Gas Tube Alignment Tool, Maintenance Mat with Exploded View AR-15, Pivot Pin and Roll Pin Installation Tool, AR Front Sight Tool, Delta Ring Tool, Strap Wrench, AR-15 Bore Guide, AR-15 Adjustable Receiver Link, Bore Brush, .
The app provides access to up-to-date product information and device details such as order code, configuration information, date of production, product status and availability, manuals and spare part information including exploded view drawings, compatibility and mounting advice.
What's more, the software allows an exploded view of each piece of machinery for purposes of maintenance and repair.
The software also has the capability of showing an exploded view of a machine.
The exploded view at right shows the (from top) hose adaptor; pipe adaptor; pipe (the short section here is for demonstration: it must be long enough to reach the water level in your well); another adaptor; and the foot valve.