exploded view

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ex·plod·ed view

An illustration or diagram of a construction that shows its parts separately but in positions that indicate their proper relationships to the whole.

exploded view

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a drawing or photograph of a complicated mechanism that shows the individual parts separately, usually indicating their relative positions

explod′ed view′

a graphic representation that displays the parts of a mechanism separately while showing their spatial relationship.
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Using an EDU in exploded view, visitors to the IAA Motor Show can see precisely which products are used in the electric drive.
Caption: An exploded view of the battery enclosure.
David was also puzzled by the Cabinet of Curiosities at the museum and the Tolson Half Pig, which he described as an "exploded view of a pig."
For each sample centrifuge, The offer must be accompanied by a technical data sheet from which the type of centrifuge and its components (exploded view) can be found.
* Animations such as exploded view animations and motion study
And just last week, his 'Exploded View,' a 5 x 6-foot work in acrylic made it as regional finalist in the Philippine Art Awards, considered the most highly anticipated art competition in the country.
This exploded view was intensely contradictory, yet somehow harmonious, sending one's eye ricocheting around the room and forcing productive comparisons among seemingly irreconcilable genres and techniques.
Its programme launched with an acclaimed solo show by Cornelia Parker, which included her daring signature piece Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991), on loan from Tate.
7 The Tipton 1911 padded neoprene mat features an exploded view of a 1911 to help you keep track of your gun's bits during those deep-cleans.
"You're getting a very concentrated view of one particular figure, and then you're going through and you're getting this exploded view of a much wider network of all these different people."
In addition, the technical document applications include color 3D renderings, graphical inlays, exploded view schematics, technical diagrams, manufacturing plans, architectural renderings and geographical maps.
What results is a powerful testament to the deeply conflicted attitudes about the city that one finds in other Vladislavc novels like The Restless Supermarket (2001) and The Exploded View (2004), attitudes shared by many other artists and authors as well.