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He believed in the collective farming of lands and distribution of products according to the needs as opposed to the exploitative feudal system of its time in which the landless peasants worked on a land owned by a feudal lord, who would then own major part of the product without working.
Summary: Seoul [South Korea], Aug 3 (ANI): Protesters from the Baloch National Movement took to the streets in Seoul to demonstrate against Pakistani "barbarism" and the "exploitative" China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects in Balochistan.
Businesses may grow from this exploitative model, but not the living standard of workers that social justice demands.
We remind the foreign chambers, the employers, and the economic managers that dirt cheap and exploitative labor policies are no longer come-ons for investments,' Tanjusay added.
Shadow transport minister Rachael Maskell urged the Government to ban zero-hours contracts being used by rail maintenance firms to end "exploitative and unsafe work practices".
Summary: Director will discuss 'exploitative world of college sports'
Addressing the participant of the JI central workshop for workers at Mansoora, he said that an exploitative system had been thrust on the country in the name of politics and democracy.
When it comes to mistreating workers, the hospitality industry is the most exploitative.
class="MsoNormalEXPLOITATIVE PRICES class="MsoNormalThe exploitative prices of the middlemen are also likely to affect the production this year compared with 46 million bags of maize harvested in the 2018.
On the other hand, how to deal with exploitative brokers will be a challenge.
Jansen, Van Den Bosch, and Volberda (2006) argued that companies need to apply both exploitative and exploratory types of innovation, termed ambidextrous innovation, to obtain a long-term competitive advantage.
The establishment of a visa center will ensure the elimination of exploitative practices and Pakistani workers will have their rights protected.

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