explosive detection system

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Noun1.explosive detection system - a rapid automatic system to detect plastic explosives in passengers' luggage using X-ray technology and computers; designed for use in airports
system - instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity; "he bought a new stereo system"; "the system consists of a motor and a small computer"
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At passenger checkpoints, TSA needs to improve its research and development of a new explosive detection system, Berrick found.
The Phase 1 contract covers the installation and integration of new ECAC 3 compliant Explosive Detection System (EDS) machines for Hold Baggage Screening (HBS).
"We have used the extensive data collected to develop an algorithm on the Reveal Explosive Detection System (EDS) platform capable of non-intrusively detecting the full range of threats highlighted by this study in passenger-checked and carryon baggage.
Hewlett-Packard announced it has signed an agreement with Formosa Plastics of Taiwan to provide 50 gas chromatography systems, two GC-mass selective detector systems, two liquid chromatography systems and one GC-atomic emission detector system for Formosa Plastic's oil refinery and naptha-cracking plant in Yun Lin County, Taiwan...TSI announced it has sold the assets of its Handar subsidiary, which manufactures meteorological instruments and hydrological measuring applications, to the US subsidiary of Vaisala Oyj for $11.8 million...InVision Technologies announced sales of its CTX 9000 DSi explosive detection system to San Francisco International Airport and its CTX 5500 DS explosive detection system to the FAA.
The EU, from June 1, included Bangladesh in a list of high-risk countries and ordered it to introduce explosive detection system (EDS) machines to ensure the security of cargo flights.
This award will be used for modification and construction of the terminal building infrastructure to allow for the installation of the explosive detection system machines and explosive trace detection resolution areas.
Reveal supports the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other customers in airport and transportation safety industries by providing Explosive Detection System (EDS) and automated threat detection technologies, including inspection systems that check baggage for explosives.
Eleven CT-80 Explosive Detection System units, manufactured by Reveal, will be incorporated within the baggage handling system over the next few months.
The grant will also be used for subsequent modifications that will be necessary for the TSA to install an Explosive Detection System. Panama City - Bay County International Airport is among the 20% of US airports that will receive the new system.
Every available Explosive Detection System machine, of which BWI has five, will be used to its maximum capacity.
Installation of the new system will be carried out over multiple phases, including the integration of Morpho CTX 9800, standard belt conveyors and the BTS to offer transportation both pre and post Explosive Detection System with delivery to final sortation and baggage make-up.
L-3 Communications' Security Systems division has announced the signing of a US$2.8 million contract, with a potential value of up to $75 million over three years, with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the company's examiner 3DXTM 6000 explosive detection system.